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Training Older Workers and Learners: Maximizing the Workplace Performance of an Aging Workforce

Training Older Workers and Learners: Maximizing the Workplace Performance of an Aging Workforce

James L. Moseley, Joan C. Dessinger

ISBN: 978-0-787-98117-4 December 2006 Pfeiffer 424 Pages


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Training Older Workers and Learners is a groundbreaking resource that focuses exclusively on age 40-plus workers. This much-needed resource offers trainers expert guidance and practical tools designed to deliver effective training and re-training to older worker-learners (OWLS). Based on sound theory and best practices, the book shows how to maximize the workplace learning and performance potential of late-life learners.

List of Figures, Tables, and Performance Support Tools xiii

Benefits Statement xvii

Preface xix

Acknowledgments xxvi

Part 1 Make Way for the OWLS

Chapter 1: The OWLS Are Here 3

Chapter 2: OWLS as Workers 25

Chapter 3: OWLS as Retirees—Or Not 49

Chapter 4: OWLS as Learners 73

Appendix 4.1: Competencies for Older Workplace Learners 91
William J. Rothwell

Part 2 OWLS in Transition

Chapter 5: OWLS in Search of Wisdom: Cognitive Development 99

Chapter 6: OWLS in Search of Knowledge: Learning Styles and Challenges 125

Chapter 7: OWLS in Search of Self: Psychosocial Transitions 149

Chapter 8: OWLS in Search of Function: Physiological Development 167

Chapter 9: OWLS in Search of Well-Being: Health, Wellness, and Leisure 187

Part 3 Transforming OWLS

Chapter 10: OWLS in Action: Sharing Experience and Motivation 209

Chapter 11: OWLS on Teams: Collaborating to Learn 227

Chapter 12: OWLS on the Job: Learning with the Workflow 247

Chapter 13: Live OWLS: Learning in the Classroom 269

Chapter 14: Virtual OWLS: Computerized, On the Web, At a Distance, Digitized 287

Chapter 15: Collaborating with OWLS 307

Glossary 331

References 343

About the Authors 369

Index 373

About the Series Editors 385

About the Advisory Board Members 389