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Transform Tomorrow: Awakening the Super Saver In Pursuit of Retirement Readiness

Transform Tomorrow: Awakening the Super Saver In Pursuit of Retirement Readiness

Stig Nybo, Liz Alexander (With)

ISBN: 978-1-118-53736-7 January 2013 208 Pages


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A campaign to prepare Americans for their futures

Transform Tomorrow investigates why so many Americans are at risk of out-living their savings. Author Stig Nybo draws inspiration from successful behavior change campaigns to identify the drivers of change—context and beliefs—and how they can be successfully employed to boost retirement savings rates. While the retirement savings industry increasingly embraces the contextual drivers of behavior, very little is being done to shape our beliefs to start saving smarter and sooner. Nybo suggests a retirement readiness campaign to inspire and enlist the support of individuals, employers, industry, government, and the media.

  • Explains how society can transition from treating 401(k) as a voluntary benefit to the basis upon which each individual who wants to or needs to can retire comfortably.
  • Details a national, coordinated retirement readiness campaign, along the lines of successful Public Service Advertisements—like "The Crying Indian" and Rosie the Riveter—that will help change behavior and re-shape the culture of our nation
  • Makes a call to action for such a campaign

Retirement in America is endangered, but Transform Tomorrow shows a path back from the brink.

Foreword Alison Cooke Mintzer vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Retirement Readiness: The Super Savers and the Ill-Prepared 1

Chapter 2 A Brief History of Retirement 19

Chapter 3 State of the Union 31

Chapter 4 Rise of the DC Plan 43

Chapter 5 Financial Literacy 57

Chapter 6 Lessons Learned, Changing Outcomes 71

Chapter 7 The Power of Context 85

Chapter 8 Beliefs and Resolve 103

Chapter 9 Tell Me a Story 121

Chapter 10 Join the Dance 133

Chapter 11 Letters to Stakeholders 143

Bibliography 153

Glossary 161

List of Contributors 167

Index 175

About the Authors 185