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Transformation Through Occupation: Human Occupation in Context

Transformation Through Occupation: Human Occupation in Context

Ruth Watson, Leslie Swartz

ISBN: 978-1-861-56425-2

Apr 2004

300 pages

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This book is based on learning grounded in actual experience and introduces the perspective of practice orientated to developing, rather than developed, contexts. The focus remains on the ordinary things that people do on a daily basis and how this impacts their health, well-being and total existence. Examples are provided of the writers' professional beliefs, values and convictions in action.



Appendix Part One Construct and context.

Chapter 1 New horizons in occupational therapy - Ruth Watson.

Chapter 2 Occupation and occupational therapy - Ruth Watson and Marion Fourie.

Chapter 3 International and African Influences on occupational therapy - Ruth Watson and Marion Fourie.

Chapter 4 A population approach to transformation - Ruth Watson.

Part Two Contextual issues that impact on occupations.

Chapter 5 The impact of pverty: potential lost - Marion Fourie, Roshan Galvaan and Hilary Beeton.

Chapter 6 Equalizing opportunities for occupational engagement: disabled women's stories - Theresa Lorenzo.

Chapter 7 Women empowered through occuopation: from deprivation to realized potential - Ruth Watson and Kashifa Lagerdien.

Chapter 8 Fathers with HIV/AIDS: the struggle for occupation - Zela Coetzee and Leslie Swartz.

Chapter 9 Occupation in the criminal justice system - Madeleine Duncan.

Chapter 10 Psychiatric disbility in the world of work: shifts in attitude and service models - Lana van Niekerk.

Chapter 11 Taking account of spirituality - Karin Weskamp and Elelwani L. Ramugondo.

Part Three Service Implications and occupation in action.

Chapter 12 Play and playfulness: children living with HIV/AIDS - Elelwani L. Ramugondo

Chapter 13 Engaging with youth at risk - Roshan Galvaan .

Chapter 14 Promoting mental health through occupation - Madeleine Duncan.

Chapter 15 Trauma, violence and occupation - Madeleine Duncan.

Chapter 16 Grandmothers affected by HIV/AIDS: new roles and occupations - Kathleen Brodrick.

Chapter 17Care as vocation and occupation - Craig Higson-Smith, Linda Richter and Miriam Altman.

Chapter 18 Promoting occupations in rural communities - Theresa :premzo and Lizahn Cloete.

Part  Four The challenge of transformation.

Chapter 19 Rethinking professional ethics - Leslie Swartz.

Chapter 20 Transformation through occupation: towards a prototype - Madeleine Duncan and Ruth Watson.