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Transformational Growth: Strategies and Practices to Thrive During Times of Change and Disruption

Transformational Growth: Strategies and Practices to Thrive During Times of Change and Disruption

David Frigstad

ISBN: 978-1-119-31481-3

Dec 2019

256 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Prepare for future uncertainty with a research-backed recipe for success

Transformational Growth offers a practical guide to preparing for the future based on 360-degree research from Frost & Sullivan. We're already seeing the effects of disruption, megatrends, and alternative business models, and as these elements continue to converge, the outcome becomes increasingly unpredictable. Preparation is critical for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. This book provides revolutionary practices, techniques, and methodologies that will help you invest and thrive regardless of what the future may hold. Interactive models and tools help clarify complex ideas and apply them to your personal situation, and workshops, benchmarks, and surveys give you a roadmap for securing your future. Online updates continue to address and track important issues, and keep you abreast of new developments that can impact your preparation strategy. Whether you're planning to retire or are involved with investments, government organizations, educational institutions, or corporations, this book will help you fortify your finances against whatever may come.

It wasn't that long ago that "disruption" was just a gimmick; now, it's the first step in the cycle that signifies collapse and transformation. This book shows you how to work within the continuous changes to protect yourself against the hazards they bring.

  • Navigate the ongoing global economic transformation
  • Discover which industries, careers, and places will lead the future
  • Learn revolutionary practices for investing in tomorrow
  • Be prepared amidst disruptive technologies and business models

Disruption has become a nonstop force in the economy, and its presence has thrown the most reliable forecasting methods aside. When the future is this uncertain, looking ahead becomes a vital form of self-preservation. Transformational Growth provides the insight and guidance you need to set yourself up to thrive.