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Transformative Classroom Management: Positive Strategies to Engage All Students and Promote a Psychology of Success

Transformative Classroom Management: Positive Strategies to Engage All Students and Promote a Psychology of Success

John Shindler

ISBN: 978-0-470-56549-0

Nov 2009, Jossey-Bass

384 pages



The natural condition of any classroom is harmonious, satisfying, and productive, so why do so many teachers struggle with problems of apathy, hostility, anxiety, inefficiency, and resistance?

In this groundbreaking book, education expert John Shindler presents a powerful model, Transformative Classroom Management (TCM), that can be implemented by any teacher to restore the natural positive feelings in his or her classroom—the love of learning, collaboration, inspiration, and giving—and create a productive learning environment in which all students can achieve.

Unlike other classroom management systems that view problems as something to be "handled," TCM offers suggestions for creating optimal conditions for learning, performance, motivation, and growth. This practical book shows teachers how to abandon ineffective short-term gimmicks, bribes, and punishments and adopt the proven management practices and new habits of mind that will transform their classrooms.

Praise for Transformative Classroom Management

"Transformative Classroom Management is a practical resource that explains the how and why of classroom management for novice and veteran teachers. Dr. Shindler recognizes the importance of preserving the teacher's sanity while ensuring the student's development of a personal sense of responsibility and a positive self-esteem."
—Eileen Matus, principal, South Toms River Elementary School, New Jersey

"I have read many other management books by other authors, but Transformative Classroom Management has been the best so far at demystifying the invisible forces in the classroom."
—Will McElroy, 4th grade teacher, Los Angeles United School District

"This book was an invaluable tool for me during my student teaching. It served as a reference book that I found myself continually drawn to while struggling to find ways to effectively manage 29 first graders. The ideas, concepts and suggestions in the book were so innovative and helpful that even my Master Teacher found herself implementing some of the ideas! A must have for all student teachers!"
—Carol Gillon, student teacher, Seattle University

"Insightful and thoroughly researched, Transformative Classroom Management is an invaluable tool to help teachers, newbies and veterans alike, develop fully functional and engaged learning communities."
—Lisa Gamache Rodriguez, teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

About The Book.

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PART 1 Assessing Where We Are and Making Sense of the Inner Workings of the Classroom.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Transformative Classroom Management.

Chapter 2 Classifying Approaches to Classroom Management and Moving Up the Teaching Style Continuum.

PART 2 Exploring the Nature of Classroom Dynamics and Student Motivation.

Chapter 3 Exploring the Fundamental Components of the Classroom Environment.

Chapter 4 Promoting Clear and Shared Classroom Expectations.

The Cornerstone of the Effective Classroom.

Chapter 5 Effective Technical Management.

Promoting a Culture of Listening, Respect, and Efficiency in the Classroom.

Chapter 6 Examining Motivational Strategies.

What Makes Your Students Care?

Chapter 7 Promoting a Success Psychology in Students.

PART 3 Developing a Functional Democratic Classroom Society.

Chapter 8 Creating Collective Classroom Bonds with a Social Contract.

Chapter 9 Developing Logical and Related Consequences Within the Social Contract—and Why to Avoid the Use of Punishments.

Chapter 10 Implementing the Social Contract and Promoting Student Responsibility.

PART 4 Good Teaching Practices Lead to Good Management.

Chapter 11 Transformative Classroom Instruction and the Pedagogy-Management Connection.

Chapter 12 Effectively Managing the Cooperative Classroom.

PART 5 Remediation without Coercion.

Chapter 13 A Win-Win Approach to Conflict Resolution and Potential Power Struggles.

Chapter 14 Changing the Negative Identity Pattern and Succeeding with More Challenging Student Behavior.

PART 6 Adopting a Transformative Mind-Set.

Chapter 15 The Transformative Classroom.

Implementing a 1-Style Approach and Creating a Classroom Community.

Chapter 16 The Transformative Mind-Set and Making Your Thinking an Ally.

Appendix A: Questions and Answers on Transformative Classroom Management.

Appendix B: Sound Versus Faulty assumptions.

Appendix C: Examining the ‘‘It Works’’ Fallacy.

Appendix D: Examining the Use of the Phrase the ‘‘Real World of School’’.

Appendix E: Common Sources of Classroom Drama.

Appendix F: Transform Your School: A Schoolwide Student Discipline, Motivation, Character Building, and Peer Mediation Program.

Appendix G: Classroom Management and Student Achievement.