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Transformative Education: Personal Construct Approaches ot Practice and Research

Transformative Education: Personal Construct Approaches ot Practice and Research

Maureen Pope, Pamela Denicolo

ISBN: 978-1-861-56201-2

Nov 2000

220 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This book is designed to meet the needs of teachers working in a range of contexts. It applies the principles of personal construct psychology (PCP) and invites teachers to reflect on the implications of these for classroom practice.

The book begins by providing a comprehensive review of the philosophies and theories underpinning education as a basis for demonstrating the particular relevance of PCP for educational research and practice. This establishes a conceptual framework for the extensive practical guidance which follows on how to implement, with sensitivity and rigour, a range of techniques, from the traditional structured repertory grid to more innovative flexible strategies, within education.

1 - Alternative Perspectives on Education
2 - Personal Construct Psychology Approaches in Education
3 - Alternative Constructions of Educational Research
4 - Practical Considerations in the Use of Repertory Grid Techniques
5 - Beyond the Grid
6 - Developing an Appropriate Climate
7 - The Learner as Personal Scientist
8 - Teachers Perspective
9 - Anticipation and Transformation

Alternative Perspectives on Education.

Personal Construct Psychology approaches in Education.

Alternative Constructions of Educational Research.

Practical Considerations in The use of Repertory Grid Techniques.

Beyond The grid.

Developing an Appropriate Climate.

The Learner as Personal Scientist.

Teachers Perspective.

Anticipation and Transformation.