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Transformative Visions of Legal Education



Transformative Visions of Legal Education

Anthony Bradney (Editor), Fiona Cownie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21137-2 June 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 172 Pages


Higher Education institutions around the world are facing a situation of diminishing resources and increasing state inference. How have law schools reacted to this? Is there an increasing movement towards the training of professional lawyers, or is the liberal law degree alive and well? What are the pedagogic concerns of law teachers in this new environment? This volume brings together the work of a number of distinguished scholars who have examined such questions from a number of different perspectives.
1. Thinking About Law Schools: Rutland Reviewed: William Twinning (University College London).

2. The Political Economy of Canadian Legal Education: H. W. Arthurs (York University, Canada).

3.'Failed Sociologists' in the Market Place: Law Schools in Australia: Christine Parker and Andrew Goldsmith (University of New South Wales, and School of Cultural Studies, Adelaide).

4. Privatizing the Universities: Jane Kelsey (University of Auckland).

5. Law as a Parasitic Discipline: Anthony Bradney (University of Leicester).

6. New Wine in Old Bottles or New Wine in New Bottles?: Pat Leighton (Manchester Metropolitan University).

7. Women Legal Academics- A New Research Agenda?: Fiona Cownie (University of Leicester).

8. Gazing into the Future through a VDU: Communications, Information Technology, and Law Teaching: Peter Alldridge and Ann Mumford (Cardiff Law School).

9. Ethics for Lawyers or Ethics for Citizens?New Directions for Legal Education: Julian Webb (University of the West of England).

10. History is Past Politics:A Critique of the Legal Skills Movement in England and Wales: Andrew Boon (University of Westminster).

* Examines the effect on law schools of state pressure to take more students with less resources.
* Brings together the work of distinguished scholars who write from different perpectives.
* Includes wide-ranging discussions of the future development of law schools.