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Transformer Ageing: Monitoring and Estimation Techniques



Transformer Ageing: Monitoring and Estimation Techniques

Tapan Kumar Saha (Editor), Prithwiraj Purkait (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-23998-7 June 2017 Wiley-IEEE Press 448 Pages


A one-stop guide to transformer ageing, presenting industrially relevant state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques backed by extensive research data

  • Offers a comprehensive coverage of transformer ageing topics including insulation materials, condition monitoring and diagnostic techniques
  • Features chapters on smart transformer monitoring frameworks, transformer life estimation and biodegradable oil
  • Highlights industrially relevant techniques adopted in electricity utilities, backed by extensive research

Preface vii

Acknowledgments xi

Contributing Authors xiii

1 Transformer Insulation Materials and Ageing 1

2 Overview of Insulation Diagnostics 35

3 Dielectric Response Measurements 81

4 Dissolved Gas Analysis Interpretation and Intelligent Machine Learning Techniques 211

5 Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Partial Discharge Measurement 245

6 Frequency Response Analysis Interpretation for Winding Deformation of Power Transformers 303

7 Impact of Moisture and Remaining Life Estimation 329

8 Biodegradable Oils and their Impact on Paper Ageing 361

9 Smart Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis 403

10 Conclusions and Future Research 441

Index 445