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Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility, and Globalization

Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility, and Globalization

ISBN: 978-1-118-51968-4

Dec 2012

256 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A unique perspective of an evolved role for company leadership

Based on the findings of an extensive research project that surveyed more than 5,500 enterprise employees and functional decision makers across the United States and China, Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility and Globalization explores the influence of technology in the workplace and the implications to company culture, functional responsibilities and competitive advantage. This in-depth analysis illuminates emerging technological trends, the changing workforce, and the shifting face of business and industry while offering prescriptive guidance to leaders.

  • Addresses how new technology trends - including mobility, cloud, big data and collaboration - are fundamentally changing the way work is conducted and how company leadership can tap into these trends to affect positive cultural reform
  • Examines how the introduction of new technologies and the emergence of new business models are shifting traditional organizational roles, including HR, marketing, finance, and IT
  • Takes an in-depth look at how the next-generation of top talent, represented by college students at the top universities, view their future workplace environment and how technology can become a meaningful magnet for recruitment and retention
  • Zeroes in on how the integration of technology into the workplace differs between the United States and China and the implications to the global marketplace

What emerges from this book is an evolved role for company leadership, one of significant strategic value as cultural stewards capable of generating sustainable advantage for their companies in the most competitive market witnessed in decades.

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Prologue: The Crystal Ball xi

Part 1: The Technology Trends 1

Chapter 1: The Mobile Movement 3

Chapter 2: The Cloud Conundrum 17

Chapter 3: The Data Deluge 31

Chapter 4: The Collaboration Craze 45

Part 2: The New Workforce 59

Chapter 5: The Architects 61

Chapter 6: The Tightrope Walkers 75

Chapter 7: The Storytellers 91

Chapter 8: The Venture Capitalists 105

Chapter 9: The Endangered Species 117

Part 3: The New Face of Business and Industry 133

Chapter 10: The Culture Recipe 135

Chapter 11: The Small Business Dream 147

Chapter 12: The New Civil War 161

Chapter 13: The Global Race 175

Epilogue: The Next Decade 191

Citations 195

Index 219