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Transforming Emotion: Conversations in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Transforming Emotion: Conversations in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Glenda Fredman

ISBN: 978-1-861-56399-6 February 2004 150 Pages


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Starting from the position that there is no universal story of emotion necessarily acceptable to all cultures and that we cannot assume a common language of emotion that accurately transfers meanings and experiences between people, this volume approaches emotion as the story people weave of physical sensation, display and judgements through multi-layered contexts of their relationships and cultures.

Emotion stories are seen as intricately woven with stories of identity, therefore having implications for how people perceive their moral worth. Within a framework informed by communication theories, social constructionism and systemic and narrative therapies, Glenda Fredman offers a repertoire of possibilities to talk about feelings, share understanding and transform emotion. Using her personal stories, transcripts of conversations and case vignettes to "speak" the theory, she shows how paying careful attention to each person' s emotional language rules and theories can avoid coercion, undermining, isolating or creating an impasse between the people involved.

Being With People in Emotion.

Emotion Talk.

Naming Emotions.

Storying emotions.

Understanding Emotion.

Emotional Postures.

Performing Emotion.

Transforming Emotion.

Towards Response-abilities.

Profiles cross-referenced.