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Transforming Health Care: The Financial Impact of Technology, Electronic Tools and Data Mining

Transforming Health Care: The Financial Impact of Technology, Electronic Tools and Data Mining

Phil Fasano, Jack Cochran (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-35000-3

Feb 2013

240 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The future of healthcare technologies, and what they mean for investors and entrepreneurs

The healthcare technology revolution is just around the corner. And when it arrives, it will change and enrich our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine. Doctors will perform blood pressure readings via video chat and nutritionists will analyze diet based on photos taken with cellphone cameras. Transforming Health Care combines healthcare, technology, and finance in an innovative new way that explains the future of healthcare and its effects on patient care, exploring the emergence of electronic tools that will transform the medical industry.

Explaining how technology, not politics, will lead the future of the healthcare revolution, author and healthcare technology expert Phil Fasano presents real-life examples that show how the next generation of medical breakthroughs will come from the instant exchange of information across the world

  • Explores how new technologies will radically change the future of healthcare by making it easier to share information rapidly
  • Explains what the future of the high tech medical industry means for investors and entrepreneurs
  • Written by a respected healthcare and health technology expert

Offering an unprecedented look at how technology is transforming the healthcare industry, and what it will mean for future investors and entrepreneurs, Transforming Health Care is a remarkable insight into the next generation of health technologies.

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction xix

Chapter 1 The Emergence of Electronic Tools 1

Real-Time Health Care Begins 2

The Paperless Revolution: Let’s Get Going! 4

A Life-Saving Breakthrough 9

The Dawn of the Patient Record 12

The Digital Age Dawns 13

The Kaiser Permanente Experience 15

Electronic Health Records: All You, All Digital 18

From the Back Office to Better Health 21

From Paper to EMRs to EHRs to the Future 25

Notes 26

Chapter 2 The Future 31

Jumping the Hurdles 33

Just Connect 34

Lonely EMRs 35

Patient-Centered Care 38

Health Care Just Got Smarter 39

The Road Ahead 41

Health Financial Exchanges 44

HIEs and HFEs Serve the Patient and Create Profit 47

Notes 48

Chapter 3 Investing in Healthcare IT Innovations 51

The ATM Parallel 54

Consumers: Ahead of the Curve 55

Up Next: Mobile Banking and Mobile Health 57

Investing in Winning Healthcare IT Innovation 58

Looking for Investment in All the Right Places 66

Opportunities for Innovation and Return on Investment Abound 67

Notes 68

Chapter 4 Virtual Visits 71

Easier Than Programming Your TV Remote Control 76

Rx for Good Health: No Waiting with mHealth 81

Mobile Health Is Personal Health 84

Notes 85

Chapter 5 Connected Care Teams 87

Telehealth for One-Stop Care 89

In the Hospital 92

Telemedicine: A Changing Role 93

Changing Practices 95

Where Do We Go from Here? 100

Helping as Many People as We Can 101

Notes 102

Chapter 6 Three Key Players Driving Healthcare IT Innovation 105

Government: Rewarding Success Instead of Funding Failure 106

Government: Guardrails, Handrails, and Connectors 109

Government: Seed Money for Healthcare IT 112

Payers: Healthcare Plans and Insurers Enter the EHR Market 115

Payers Leap into Accountable Care 118

The Private Sector: Leveraging Technology, Filling Unmet Needs 120

Action by Government, Payers, and the Private Sector Needed to Succeed 125

Notes 126

Chapter 7 Global Healthcare IT 129

Denmark: Fostering Digital Health Care 130

The Netherlands: A Controversy over National Health Records 134

New Zealand: Interoperability Leader 138

Global Lessons Hold Domestic Value 141

Notes 142

Chapter 8 Real-Time Learning 145

Introducing Real-Time Analytic Systems 147

Medicine’s New Superstar—The Health Data Analyst 149

Care Registries: Putting Data into Practice 151

Putting It All Together 153

Notes 156

Chapter 9 Predictive Medicine 157

Saving Time, Money, Lives 161

Portable Care: Health Information Exchanges 162

World-Class Care for Everyone: Care Registries 164

Future Health: Research and Predictive Care 167

From Prevention to Prediction 169

Notes 170

Chapter 10 Connected System 173

Connected Care: It’s Personal 175

At Stake: Your Health and Your Money 180

Proactive Care: It Really Works! 183

Solving the Healthcare Spending Crisis 185

Getting There from Here: A Road Map 186

Conclusion 190

Notes 192

About the Author 197

Index 199