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Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery



Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery

Nicolas Jabbour (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-17347-6 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages


Essential guide to the new field of transfusion-free medicine and surgery – written by leading experts in the field.

Transfusion Free Medicine and Surgery provides a comprehensive approach to a new paradigm shift in the field of blood management.

The principles are easy and this platform provides an all-inclusive review of red blood cell production, oxygen delivery, coagulation and the role of blood transfusion in an intensive care setting. Controversial as it may sound, this book opens the door for ethical/legal debates, by putting them into perspective and providing answers to perplexing situations. The economics of blood transfusion and the hidden costs that allude the clinician are also brought into the equation.

Why Buy This Book?

  • Provides the groundwork for developing a successful transfusion-free clinical program
  • Includes all key issues related to blood products, blood transfusion and transfusion-free medicine and surgery
  • Discusses controversial issues associated with this new and fast moving field
  • Includes self-assessment questions to help the reader with their continuing professional education and development

Transfusion Free Medicine and Surgery is ideal for:

  • Specialists working in transfusion and transfusion-free medicine
  • Haematologists in practice and in training
  • Anyone involved in any surgical discipline, internal medicine, ICU care or anaesthesia who is interested in this field



1 Legal and Administrative Issues Related to Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery.

Randy Henderson, Nicolas Jabbour, Gary Zeger.

2 Transfusion Therapy – Balancing the Risks and Benefits.

Roslyn A Yomtovian, Katharine A Downes, Ira A Shulman.

3 Preoperative Management and Preparation for Transfusion-Free Surgery.

Lawrence T Goodnough.

4 Intraoperative Strategies for Transfusion-Free Surgery.

Joseph D Tobias.

5 Current View of the Coagulation System.

Yoogoo Kang, Paul Audu.

6 The Physiology of Anemia and the Threshold for Blood Transfusion.

Joseph D Tobias.

7 Postoperative Management in Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery in the ICU.

Jean-Louis Vincent.

8 Anemia and Blood Conservation in the Critically Ill Patient.

Aryeh Shander, Tanuja Rijhwani, Nimish Nemani, Carmine Gianatiempo.

9 Feasibility of Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery in Clinical Practice.

Nicolas Jabbour, Ryan Young, S Ram Kumar, Rick Selby, Yuri Genyk.

10 The Changing Transfusion Practice of Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery.

Pamela J Kling, Nicolas Jabbour, S Ram Kumar.

11 The Cost of Blood Product Transfusion.

Gary Zeger, Nicolas Jabbour.

12 Oxygen Therapeutics – The Quest for Artificial Blood.

Robert Bartlett.

13 Basic Principles of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery.

Nicolas Jabbour.


"This collection of authors distinguish themselves, drawing on well-researched sources and their own considerable experience and expertise. Even those who think themselves familiar with the material will come away with new knowledge."
Transfusion Medicine Reviews

"This lucid exposition in a manageable 300 pages should be an important component of the library of transfusion physicians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, intensivists, trauma teams, hematologists, nurses, perfusionists and administrators (in short, anyone involved in transfusion), as the recognition of the need for such changes in transfusion practice becomes more widespread."
Transfusion Medicine Reviews

I would highly recommend this book.......the thoroughness and delivery of information was excellent.
SABM Newsletter

".a well presented slim volume on an important topic of current interest to both haematologists and to a wider range of clinicians who are seeking ways of reducing the use of blood in their patients."
The Royal College of Pathologists Bulletin


  • Discusses controversial issues associated with transfusion-free medicine and surgery.
  • Includes latest research in the field, including the latest techniques in bloodless medicine.
  • MCQ's at the end of the book to serve as an exam for physician certification and act as a CME tool.