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Transients in Power Systems

Lou van der Sluis

ISBN: 978-0-471-48639-8 August 2001 224 Pages


Covering the fundamentals of electrical transients, this book will equip readers with the skills to recognise and solve transient problems in power networks and components. Starting with the basics of transient electrical circuit theory, and moving on to discuss the effects of power transience in all types of power equipment, van der Sluis provides new insight into this important field.
Recent advances in measurement techniques, computer modelling and switchgear development are given comprehensive coverage for the first time. An electromagnetic transients calculation program is included and will prove valuable to both students and engineers in the field.

Basic Concepts and Simple Switching Transients.

Transient Analysis of Three-Phase Power Systems.

Travelling Waves.

Circuit Breakers.

Switching Transients.

Power System Transient Recovery Voltages.

Lightning-Induced Transients.

Numerical Simulation of Electrical Transients.

Insulation Coordination, Standardisation Bodies, and Standards.

Testing of Circuit Breakers.

"...intended readers are those responsible for design and operation of electric utility transmission systems...not for the mathematically disadvantaged..." (Electrical Apparatus, October 2001)