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Translational Research and Discovery in Gastroenterology: Organogenesis to Disease



Translational Research and Discovery in Gastroenterology: Organogenesis to Disease

Deborah L. Gumucio, Linda C. Samuelson, Jason R. Spence

ISBN: 978-1-118-49285-7 May 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 352 Pages


Translational Gastroenterology: Organogenesis to Disease bridges the gap between basic and clinical research by providing information on GI (gastrointestinal) organ development discovered through scientific inquiry, alongside clinical observations of acquired and congenital abnormalities. Paired chapters, written from basic science and clinical viewpoints, review the major biological pathways and molecules at work in organ ontogeny and disease. In addition to a comprehensive survey of GI organ development and pathologies, the book also highlights model organisms and new areas of research, with chapters devoted to recent advances in the field of GI stem cell biology, and the potential for tissue engineering of GI organs.

The topics covered provide a unique window onto current activity in the field of gastroenterology, fostering enhanced knowledge for developmental biologists as well as for clinical practitioners.

Notable features include the following:

• Basic science chapters review the molecular and cellular pathways of GI organ development alongside clinical chapters examining organ-based diseases, closing the gap between the bench and the clinic.

• Derivative organs – esophagus, stomach, pylorus, small intestine, colon, liver, and pancreas –as well as tissues such as serosa and enteric nervous system that are common to multiple GI organs.

• Chapters detailing the use of model organisms – Drosophila, sea urchin, zebrafish, C. elegans, Xenopus – for basic discovery studies are included.

• Chapters on GI stem cells and the potential for tissue engineering of the GI organs provide a view to the future of research and therapy in these organs.

List of Contributors ix

Foreword xiii

Preface xv

1 Endoderm Development: From Progenitors to Organ Buds 1
David A.F. Loebel, Keren Kaufman-Francis, Yoji Kojima, Henry C.Y. Chung, and Patrick P.L. Tam

2 Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms Regulating Esophageal Development 15
Wei-Yao Ku and Jianwen Que

3 Congenital and Acquired Diseases of the Esophagus 27
Iljana Gaffar, Yousef El-Gohary, and George Gittes

4 Basic Science of Stomach Development 43
Tae-Hee Kim and Ramesh A. Shivdasani

5 Congenital and Acquired Diseases of the Stomach 57
Ramon U. Jin and Jason C. Mills

6 The Pylorus: Development and Disease 73
Ajay Prakash, Aaron M. Udager, and Deborah L. Gumucio

7 Basic Science of Small Intestinal Development 85
Cayla A. Thompson and Michele A. Battle

8 Clinical Small Intestine 99
Michael A. Helmrath and Kavita Deonarine

9 Basic Science of Colon Development 113
Mattheus C.B. Wielenga and Gijs R. van den Brink

10 Congenital and Acquired Diseases of the Colon 125
Jennifer J. Freeman and Daniel H. Teitelbaum

11 Intestinal Serosa 139
Nichelle I. Winters and David M. Bader

12 Basic Science of Liver Development 151
Ann DeLaForest and Stephen A. Duncan

13 Congenital and Acquired Diseases of the Liver 165
Zahida Khan, Edgar N. Tafaleng, Kyle A. Soltys, and Ira J. Fox

14 Developmental Biology of the Pancreas 179
L. Charles Murtaugh

15 Congenital Disorders of the Pancreas 193
Mark Lowe

16 Enteric Nervous System Development 209
E. Michelle Southard-Smith and Melissa A. Musser

17 Congenital and Acquired Disorders of the Enteric Nervous System 225
Robert O. Heuckeroth

18 Gut Development in the Sea Urchin 241
Megan L. Martik and David R. McClay

19 Intestinal Stem Cell Specification in the Drosophila Midgut 253
Neus Rafel and Benjamin Ohlstein

20 The Caenorhabditis elegans Intestine 263
James D. McGhee, Tobias Wiesenfahrt, and Aidan E. Dineen

21 Xenopus as a Model for GI Development 275
Zheng Zhang and Aaron M. Zorn

22 Zebrafish Models of GI Development and Disease 289
Ashley Alvers and Michel Bagnat

23 Gastrointestinal Stem Cells 303
Elise S. Demitrack and Linda C. Samuelson

24 Translating Embryonic Development into Models of Human Gastrointestinal Development and Disease 317
Stacy R. Finkbeiner and Jason R. Spence

Index 327