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Transnational Audiences: Media Reception on a Global Scale

Transnational Audiences: Media Reception on a Global Scale

Adrian Athique

ISBN: 978-1-509-50658-3

Feb 2017, Polity

224 pages



In an interactive and densely connected world, transnational communication has become a central feature of everyday life. Taking account of a variety of media formats and different regions of the world, Adrian Athique provides a much-needed critical exploration of conceptual approaches to media reception on a global scale.

Engaging both the historical foundations and contemporary concerns of audience research, Athique prompts us to reconsider our contemporary media experience within a transnational frame. In the process, he provides valuable insights on culture and belonging, power and imagination.

Beautifully written and strongly argued, Transnational Audiences: Media Reception on a Global Scale will be essential reading for students and teachers of global media, culture and communications.

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Chapter One: Media Reception on a Global Scale

Part 1: Imagined Worlds: National, International, Transnational
Chapter Two: The Nationalisation of Media Audiences
Chapter Three: Imperialism, Dependency and Soft Power
Chapter Four: Millennial Globalization and the Transnational Shift

Part 2: Media Flows: Diasporas, Crossovers, Proximities
Chapter Five: Mobility, Migration and Diasporic Audiences
Chapter Six: Mediaculturalism, Universalism and the Exotic
Chapter Seven: Media Civilizations and Zones of Consumption

Part 3: New Formations: Clouds, Trends, Fields
Chapter Eight: Fan Cultures and User-Led Transnationalism
Chapter Nine: Mining the Global Social
Chapter Ten: Transnational Spectrum and Social Imagination


‘In Transnational AudiencesAthique develops a sophisticated and layered analysis of the complexities of studying media audiences. He does so while presenting an epistemology of the field and its theoretical developments that helps the reader understand audiences in an increasingly internet-dependent, transnational media environment.  This book is an important contribution for students attempting to grasp the several decades of audience research and the important and necessary move from national to transnational analysis.’
Antonio C. La Pastina, Texas A&M University

‘Athique’s lucidly written book introduces us to the major authors, key theoretical concepts and fascinating case studies, offering a panoramic view of the growing field of research on transnational audiences.’
S. V. Srinivas, Azim Prenji University

‘This book is highly recommended for students and colleagues in the field of intentional media and audience studies as an essential read to be informed about the core theories and contemporary debates. Furthermore, given the insightful yet approachable written style, this volume could also be recommended to those who are curious in this topic in general.’
Information, Communication and Society