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Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition



Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition

W. J. Beek, K. M. K. Muttzall, J. W. Van Heuven

ISBN: 978-0-471-99990-4 January 2000 344 Pages


Transport Phenomena Second Edition W. J. Beek K. M. K. Muttzall J. W. van Heuven Momentum, heat and mass transport phenomena can be found everywhere in nature. A solid understanding of the principles of these processes is essential for chemical and process engineers. The second edition of Transport Phenomena builds on the foundation of the first edition which presented fundamental knowledge and practical application of momentum, heat and mass transfer processes in a form useful to engineers. This revised edition includes revisions of the original text in addition to new applications providing a thoroughly updated edition. This updated text includes;
* An introduction to physical transport analysis including units, dimensional analysis and conservation laws.
* A systematic treatment of fluid flow and heat and mass transport, their similarities and dissimilarities.
* Theoretical and semi-empirical equations and a condensed overview of practical data.
* Illustrative problems showing practical applications.
* A problem section at the end of each chapter with answers and explanations.
Introduction to Physical Transport Phenomena.

Flow Phenomena.

Heat Transport.

Mass Transport.