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Transport Properties of Ions in Gases

Transport Properties of Ions in Gases

Edward A. Mason, Earl W. McDaniel

ISBN: 978-3-527-60285-8

Jan 2005

560 pages

Select type: O-Book


Presents thorough coverage of the transport properties of ions in gases. Starts from first principles, making this book useful to those new to the field as well as to experts. Describes the motions of ions in gases in electric fields, methods for measuring mobilities and diffusion coefficients, and pitfalls in measuring these quantities. Provides a detailed development of the theory of transport processes in the context of the kinetic theory of gases. Includes relevant experimental techniques and an index to experimental data.
The Measurement of Drift Velocities and Longitudinal Diffusion Coefficients.

The Measurement of Transverse Diffusion Coefficients.

Stationary Afterglow Techniques.

Kinetic Theory of Mobility and Diffusion.

Some Accurate Theroretical Results.

Interaction Potentials and Transport Coefficients.

Special Topics and Applications of the Theory.

Index of Experimental Data on Gaseous Ion Mobilities and Diffusion Coefficients.

Appendix I: Tables of Transport Cross Sections for Model Potentials.

Appendix II: Tables of Properties Useful in the Estimation of Ion-neutral Interactions Energies.

Author Index.

Subject Index.