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Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual, 2nd Edition

Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual, 2nd Edition

Jens O. Andreasen (Editor), Frances M. Andreasen (Editor), Leif K. Bakland, Maria Teresa Flores

ISBN: 978-1-444-32718-2

May 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

88 pages

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The second edition of Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual builds on the phenomenal success of the first edition, which was published in 1999. The book has been updated to reflect advances in the treatment of dental trauma, especially with regard to the urgency of acute treatment. New chapters include long-term prognosis, diagnosis of pulp and periodontal healing complications and patient information subsequent to emergency treatment. Another addition is a chapter dedicated to the principles of endodontic treatment of traumatized teeth.

A unique feature of the book is the electronically generated images of a 'model tooth' subjected to various sorts of trauma. This allows the dentist to appreciate and compare the manifestations and treatment outcomes of typical trauma types.

1. Epidemiology of Traumatic Dental Injuries.

2. Nature and Consequences of Trauma.

3. Classification of Dental Injuries.

4. Examination and Diagnosis.

5. Diagnosis of Pulpal Healing Complications.

6. Diagnosis of Periodontal Healing Complications.

7. Treatment Priorities of Dental Trauma.

8. Crown Fracture without Pulp Exposure.

9. Crown Fracture with Pulp Exposure.

10. Crown-root Fracture.

11. Root Fracture.

12. Fracture of the Alveolar Process.

13. Concussion.

14. Sublaxation.

15. Extrusive Luxation.

16. Lateral Luxation.

17. Intrusive Luxation.

18. Avulsion.

19. Injuries to the Primary Dentition.

20. Splinting.

21. Endodontic Implications of Dental Trauma.

22. Tooth Survival Following Various Trauma Entities in the Permanent Dentition.

23. Information for the Patient about Dental Trauma.

24. Information for the Public about Dental Trauma.

25. Prevention of Traumatic Dental Injuries

"The first edition was a clear well-structured guide to the treatment of dental injuries, the clinical procedures were illustrated with excellent illustrations...In the second edition the authors build on their success and explore the research that has led to an improvement in the prognosis of traumatised teeth...a prominent change in the second edition is the inclusion of a brief description of the processes involved in wound healing in the first chapter. It is this emphasis on the importance of facilitating the natural healing of tissues that makes this book stand out." (British Dental Journal)

"The text is clear and well written and well referenced ... The chapters on diagnosis of periodontal and pulpal complications are particularly helpful as this is a difficult area for many clinicians.
The manual will serve as an excellent reference for practitioners and dental students who have a good working knowledge of dental traumatology." (Journal of Orthodontics)

"This is the second edition of the popular manual first published in 1999 by Andreasen et al. who are recognised internationally as experts in dental trauma. There are important updates from the first edition including new chapters, of which one is on the endodontic treatment of damaged teeth.
The book is beautifully laid out for easy reference...illustrated with high quality photographs, radiographs, and illustrations.
[in the first edition] the authors stated that their intention was to provide a manual of dental injuries for general dental practitioners and dental students. However senior house officers in oral and maxillofacial surgery would find the manual useful, as would those studying for postgraduate examinations. It is good value for money." (British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

Review Comments on the Previous Edition:

"Overall, this book is excellent and I believe would be an essential member of a dentist's library. It is the sort of book that can be quickly read, and information and guidance can be located easily when the need arises. The price makes the book very affordable and I wholeheartedly recommend it as an essential reference source for the general dentist and dental student." (Australian Endodontic Journal)

"The Preface states that the text is ". . .highlights of the subject", a reference for practitioners, and an aid for students. This is the case - I found it an enjoyable evening's read, a rapid update on quite a complex subject, and a useful addition to the surgery bookshelf. As a pragmatically written supply of core knowledge and with lots of pictures, it is likely to be popular with students too." (New Zealand Dental Journal)

  • Authors are international authorities on the subject
  • Illustrated with radiographs and sophisticated, but clear color artwork
  • Highly practical and accessible: documents the treatment process succinctly and step-by-step