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Treating Depression: MCT, CBT, and Third Wave Therapies

Treating Depression: MCT, CBT, and Third Wave Therapies

Adrian Wells (Editor), Peter Fisher (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-75905-9 December 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 464 Pages


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A practical and conceptual guide to treating depression using both Beckian CBT and the latest, cutting-edge third wave CBT approaches, including mindfulness and metacognitive therapy. It provides an understanding of depression and its treatment and a clear practical guidance on how to use each treatment approach.

  • Covers CBT, metacognitive therapy, and third-wave behavioural approaches within one volume
  • Presents the theoretical background and evidence for each approach, and describes application in a clear case study approach which clearly outlines the contrasting features of the treatments
  • Includes separate chapter commentaries on the theory and clinical material covered
  • Internationally renowned contributors include Arthur Nezu, David A. Clark, Robert Zettle, Keith Dobson, Ruth Baer, Adrian Wells and Robert Leahy
List of Contributors vii

Preface ix

Section 1 Assessment, Prevalence, and Treatment Outcomes

1 The Nature of Depression 3
Martin Connor, Adrian Wells, and Peter L. Fisher

2 The Assessment of Depression 24
Arthur M. Nezu, Kelly S. McClure, and Christine M. Nezu

3 The Efficacy of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression 52
Robin B. Jarrett and Jeffrey R. Vittengl

4 Psychobiological Processes and Therapies in Depression 81
Pilar Cristancho and Michael E.Thase

Section 2 Psychological Models of Depression

5 Schema Theory in Depression 117
David A. Clark and Brendan D. Guyitt

6 Metacognitive Therapy:Theoretical Background and Model of Depression 144
Adrian Wells and Peter L. Fisher

7 Acceptance and Commitment Theory of Depression 169
Robert D. Zettle

8 The Theory Underlying Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy as a Relapse Prevention Approach to Depression 194
Mark A. Lau

9 Behavioural Activation Theory 221
Roselinde H. Kaiser, Samuel Hubley, and Sona Dimidjian

10 A Critique of Theoretical Models of Depression: Commonalties and Distinctive Features 242
John R. Keefe and Robert J. DeRubeis

Section 3 Treatments for Depression

Introduction to Section 3: Case Study 265

11 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression 269
Yvonne Tieu and Keith S. Dobson

12 Metacognitive Therapy for Depression 295
Peter L. Fisher and Adrian Wells

13 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Application to the Treatment of Clinical Depression 319
Kirk D. Strosahl and Patricia J. Robinson

14 Treating Acute Depression with Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 344
Ruth A. Baer and Erin Walsh

15 Behavioural Activation Treatment for Depression 369
Samuel Hubley, Roselinde Kaiser, and Sona Dimidjian

16 A Critique of Therapeutic Approaches to Depression: Commonalties and Distinctive Features 393
Robert L. Leahy

Epilogue 414

Index 417