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Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder

Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder

James L. Spira

ISBN: 978-0-787-90329-9 June 1996 Jossey-Bass 448 Pages


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A Volume in the Jossey-Bass Library of Current Clinical Technique

Discusses clinical treatment, including cognitive therapy, psychodynamic therapy, short-term in-patient treatment, longer term hospitalization, and the correct use of hypnosis. Also discussed is how the study of this controversial diagnosis reveals the inner workings of the normal functioning mind.
Introduction: Disorder (MPD)
Part One: Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder
1. Psychological Assessment(Judith Armstrong)
2. Dissociation, Psychotherapy, and the Cognitive Sciences(Daniel J. Siegel)
3. Models of Helping: The Role of Responsibility(Catherine G. Fine)
Part Two: Outpatient Interventions
4. Treatment of Early Onset(Gary Peterson)
5. An Outline for Psychoanalytic Treatment(Stephen S. Marmer)
6. The Use of Hypnosis in Diagnosis and Treatment(William Smith)
7. Expressive Therapy(Peggy L. Dawson, John F. Higdon)
Part Three: Inpatient Interventions
8. Hospital Treatment(Richard P. Kluft)
9. Short-Term, Problem-Oriented Inpatient Treatment(Colin A. Ross)