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Treating the Elderly



Treating the Elderly

Javaid I. Sheikh (Editor), Irvin D. Yalom (General Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-90219-3 May 1996 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages

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A Volume in the Jossey-Bass Library of Current Clinical Technique

Few mental health professionals are adequately trained to meet the unique needs of the 65-plus age-group. Written by experts--and in some cases pioneers--in the field, Treating the Elderly is filled with the most up-to-date information needed for developing the skills necessary to work with the special needs and sensibilities of this population.

Filled with proven clinical techniques and strategies for helping clients deal with the most common emotional problems and issues of aging such as

* onset depression and anxiety
* the effect of physical decline and illness
* changing sexuality
* intermediate and long-term care
* problems of competence and cognitive decline
* insomnia


1. Depression(Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, David W. Coon ).

2. Bereavement(Robert D. Hill, Dale Lund, Ted Packard).

3. Anxiety( Javaid I. Sheikh).

4. Insomnia(Leah Friedman).

5. Sexual Problems, (Diane Morrisette, Antoinette Zeiss, Robert A. Zeiss).

6. Cognitive Impairment(Greer M. Murphy, Jr.).

7. Psychiatric Problems in Nursing Homes(Joel E. Streim).

8. The Impact of Medical Illness on Psychological Well-being(Barbara R. Sommer).
"This well-edited book is targeted to mental health practitoners, and hits its target. The individual chapters avoid overlap and give the authors opportunity to convey their specific expertise. Cultural sensitivity and illustrative case studies result in a practical, helpful book which is clear and balanced presentation of state-of-the-art techniques for the assessment and management of common psychiatric symptoms in later life." (T. L. Brink, Ph.D. editor, Clinical Gerontologist)

"This book is an impressive collection of chapters written by nationally renowned experts whose involvement in clinical work, research, and training is evident in the personal, practical, and broadly framed approaches to common mental disorders and syndromes. It is replete with rich case material and references to clinical and research experience that enhance its clinical authenticity and authority." (Sara Honn Qualls, chair, Psychology Department and director, Center on Aging, University of Colorado)

"Much useful, practical information is provided in readily accessible form under one set of covers."

"Treating the Elderly provides practical and effective approaches that the therapist can use everyday in practice. There is no other work currently available that can provide this much useful information in such a handy format." (Jerome A. Yesavage, director, Aging Clincial Research Center, Stanford University School of Medicine)

"A wonderful, extremely useful guide for therapists and counselors. Chapter authors present insightful, practical guidance for front-line clinicians dealing with such difficult problems as late-life depression and anxiety, suicide, bereavement, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and dementia." (Thomas H. Crook III, president and CEO, Psychologix)