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Treatment of Autistic Children

Treatment of Autistic Children

Patricia Howlin, Sir Michael J. Rutter

ISBN: 978-0-471-92638-2

Jan 1991

312 pages

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Treatment of Autistic Children Patricia Howlin and Michael Rutter, Institute of Psychiatry, London with Michael Berger, Rosemary Hemsley, Lionel Hersov and William Yule The book describes ways of dealing with the problems shown by autistic children in their own homes. The principal therapists were parents themselves who played a major role in designing and carrying out the treatment programmes. Treatment programmes were individually designed for each child and the techniques were derived from both developmental and behavioural psychology. The outcome is described in terms of the progress made by individual children. However, in addition to single case studies, the book is unique in comparing outcome, across a whole range of measures, between treated children and their matched controls. The results of the study are discussed both in terms of their practical relevance and also their theoretical implications for our understanding of the nature of autism. This book will assist professional and academic psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists and teachers of the handicapped in their consideration of the future developments in the treatment of autism. Wiley Series on Studies in Child Psychiatry Series Editor Michael Rutter, Institute of Psychiatry, London
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Changing Theories and Styles of Treatment in Autism.

Designing a Treatment Programme.

Fostering Language Development.

The Facilitation of Social Development.

Treatment of Obsessive and Ritualistic Behaviours.

Non-Specific Behavioural Problems.

The Alleviation of Family Problems.

Short Terms Effects of Treatment.

The Final Year of Treatment.

Comparisons Between Cases and Long Term Controls.

Parents' Views on the Treatment Programme.

Treatment Implications.

Implications for Research and for Clinical Concepts.