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Trends in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Trends in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-883-24945-8

Jun 1998

245 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Mortgage-backed securities are becoming an increasingly popular tool for constructing a solid portfolio in today's turbulent market. Frank Fabozzi leads more than a dozen experts in examining all the latest trends of this investment strategy, providing in-depth insight and explaining key areas of the commercial mortgage-backed securities landscape. Topics covered include measuring risks in the whole-loan commercial market, multi-family mortgage-backed securities, and B Pieces. Following on the heels of Advances in Mortgage-Backed Securities and The Handbook of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, Trends in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities further demonstrates editor Fabozzi's authority in the subject.
Contributing Authors.

Index of Advertisers.

1. Measuring Risks in the Whole-Loan Commercial Market (W. Barnes and S. Sprouse).

2. Originating and Processing Loans in a Conduit Operation (C. Bull).

3. Master Servicer, Special Servicer, and Trustee (A. Hambly).

4. Surveillance and Collateral Reporting (T. Hall).

5. Default Risk in CMBS Bond Classes (L. Quigg).

6. Relative Value in the CMBS Market (J. Mulligan).

7. Insurance Company Involvement in the CMBS Industry (J. Felleter).

8. Investing in Multifamily MBS (H. Eski and J. Philips).

9. An Investor's Guide to B Pieces (R. Levine and P. Moreo).

10. Relative Value Tools for CMBS IO Analysis (H. Baek).

11. Weighted Average Pass-Through versus Fixed-Rate CMBS (L. Saguil).

12. Comparing FASIT's with REMICs (D. Carden).