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Trends in Comparitive Endocrinology and Neurobiology, Volume 1040



Trends in Comparitive Endocrinology and Neurobiology, Volume 1040

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This volume provides a comprehensive review of recent developments in the fields of vertebrate and invertebrate endocrinology and neurobiology. The classical fields of comparative endocrinology and neurobiology are gaining new momentum from the many projects involving the sequencing of animal genomes. The comparative approach has proven to be one of the most rewarding for the study of gene functions and is a key component of functional genomics. The interactions between comparative endocrinology and genome sequencing as well as developmental biology and neurobiology are providing many exciting discoveries.

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Preface: The Beauty of the Comparative Approach: Dan Larhammar, Gert Flik, Eric Roubos, Liliane Schoofs, and Hubert Vaudry..

1. Neuropeptide Control of Fluid Balance in Insects: Geoffrey M. Coast and Christopher S. Garside.

2. Dopaminergic Inhibition of Reproduction in Teleost Fishes: Ecophysiological and Evolutionary Implications: S Dufour, F-A Weltzien, M-E Sebert, N Le Belle, B Vidal, P Vernier, and C Pasqualini.

3. Trends in the Evolution of the Proenkephalin and Prodynorphin Genes in Gnathostomes: Ashley Khalap, Brian Bagrosky, Stephanie Lecaude, John Youson, Phillip Danielson, and Robert M. Dores.

4. Silk Moth Neuropeptide Hormones: Prothoracicotropic Hormone and Others: Shinji Nagata, Hiroshi Kataoka, and Akinori Suzuki.

5. Parathyroid Glands in Calcium Regulation and Human Disease: Göran Åkerström, Per Hellman, Ola Hessman, Ulrika Segersten, and Gunnar Westin.

6. Bioinformatic Analysis of Peptide Precursor Proteins: G Baggerman, F Liu, G Wets, and L Schoofs.

7. Urotensin II: Ancient Hormone with New Functions in Vertebrate Body Fluid Regulation: R J Balment, W Song, and N Ashton.

8. Vitellogenesis in the Red Crab, Charybdis feriatus: Contributions from Small Vitellogenin Transcripts (CfVg) and Farnesoic Acid Stimulation of CfVg Expression: Siu-Ming Chan, Abby S. C. Mak, Chi Lung Choi, Tracy H. T. Ma, Jerome H. L. Hui, and Shirley H. K. Tiu.

9. Identification of 26RFa from Frog Brain: A Novel Hypothalamic Neuropeptide with Orexigenic Activity in Mammals: Nicolas Chartrel, Federica Bruzzone, Cynthia Dujardin, Jerome Leprince, Helene Tollemer, Youssef Anouar, Mauro Vallarino, Jean Costentin, and Hubert Vaudry.

10. Combinatorial Expression of Phenotypes of Different Cell Lineages in the Rat and Mouse Pituitary: C Denef, K Pals, A Hauspie, H Vankelecom, and E Seuntjens.

11. Expansion of the Superfamily of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors in Chordates: Robert Fredriksson, Malin C. Lagerström, and Helgi B. Schiöth.

12. In Situ Hybridization Localization of TRH Precursor and TRH Receptor mRNAs in the Brain and Pituitary of Xenopus laevis: L Galas, I Bidaud, M Bulant, B G Jenks, D T W M Ouwens, S Jégou, A Ladram, E W Roubos, P Nicolas, M C Tonon, and H Vaudry.

13. Adipokinetic Hormone and the Immune Responses of Locusts to Infection: G J Goldsworthy, K Opoku-Ware, and L M Mullen.

14. siRNA Produced by Recombinant Dicer Mediates Efficient Gene Silencing in Islet Cells: Robert Hägerkvist, Dariush Mokhtari, Jason W. Myers, anders Tengholm, and Nils Welsh.

15. Amphibian Pheromones and Endocrine Control of Their Secretion: Sakae Kikuyama, Tomoaki Nakada, Fumiyo Toyoda, Takeo Iwata, Kazutoshi Yamamoto, and J Michael Conlon.

16. Signal Transduction in Rana Melanotrope Cells: Mechanism of Action of Neurotensin on Secretory and Electrical Activities: Estelle Louiset, Amor Belmeguenai, Laurence Desrues, Jerôme Leprince, Marie-Christine Tonon, and Hubert Vaudry.

17. Analysis of Rab18 and a New Golgin in the Secretory Pathway: M M Malagón, D Cruz, R Vázquez-Martínez, J R Peinado, Y Anouar, M C Tonon, H Vaudry, F Gracia-Navarro, and J P Castaño.

18. Expression of Neuropeptide Y Family Peptides in the Brain and Gut during Stages of the Life Cycle of a Parasitic Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) and a Nonparasitic Lamprey (Ichthyomyzon gagei): Colin J. Montpetit, Vitali Chatalov, Jimmy Yuk, Indra Rasaratnam, and John H. Youson.

19. Frog Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH): Isolation, Molecular Cloning, and Biological Activity: Reiko Okada, Yoichi Ito, Miyoko Kaneko, Kazutoshi Yamamoto, Nicolas Chartrel, J Michael Conlon, Hubert Vaudry, and Sakae Kikuyama.

20. Fluid Balance in Ruminants: Adaptation to External and Internal Challenges: Kerstin Olsson.

21. Stress Hormones in Mammals and Birds: Comparative Aspects Regarding Metabolism, Excretion, and Noninvasive Measurement in Fecal Samples: R Palme, S Rettenbacher, C Touma, S M El-Bahr, And E Möstl.

22. Neuronal, Neurohormonal, and Autocrine Control of Xenopus Melanotrope Cell Activity: Eric W. Roubos, Wim J. J. M. Scheenen, and Bruce G. Jenks.

23. Prolactin: Fishy Tales of Its Primary Regulator and Function: Tatsuya Sakamoto, Aiko Oda, Kenji Narita, Hideya Takahashi, Takuji Oda, Jun Fujiwara, and Waichiro Godo.

24. Photoperiodic Regulation of Seasonal Breeding in Birds: Peter J. Sharp.

25. Neuroendocrine Regulation of Frog Adrenocortical Cells by Neurotensin: F Sicard, D De Groot, M Gras, J Leprince, J M Conlon, E W Roubos, H Vaudry, and C Delarue.

26. Current Status of Genetic and Endocrine Factors in the Sex Change of Protandrous Black Porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Teleostean): Guan-Chung Wu, Jin-Lien Du, Yan-Horn Lee, Mong-Fong Lee, and Ching-Fong Chang.

27. Characterization of a Molt-Inhibiting Hormone (MIH) Receptor in the Y-Organ of the Kuruma Prawn, Marsupenaeus japonicus: Hideaki Asazuma, Shinji Nagata, Hidekazu Katayama, Tsuyoshi Ohira, and Hiromichi Nagasawa.

28. The Diapause of Gypsy Moth, Lymantria dispar (L.) (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae): Zineb Atay-Kadiri and Noufissa Benhsain.

29. Interaction of PCBs with Thyroid Hormone Levels and Time of Hatching in Chicken Embryos: V Beck, S A Roelens, J Maervoet, P Schepens, and V M Darras.

30. Immunoexpression of androgen Receptors in the Reproductive Tract of the Stallion: B Bilinska, A Hejmej, M Gancarczyk, and J Sadowska.

31. The Phylogenetic Relationship of the Glutamate and Pheromone G-Protein-Coupled Receptors in Different Vertebrate Species: Thora K. Bjarnadóttir, Helgi B. Schiöth, and Robert Fredriksson.

32. In Vivo and In Vitro Exposures of Carp and Carp Tissues to Graded Concentrations of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: S Bottero, A Cevasco, M Monteverde, F Pedemonte, R Bertolotti, L Viganò, A Mandich, and A Massari.

33. Divergent Stress Coping Styles in Juvenile Brown Trout (Salmo trutta): Daniel Brelin, Erik Petersson, and Svante Winberg.

34. Bradykinin Receptors in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio): Torun Bromée, J Michael Conlon, and Dan Larhammar.

35. Opioid Peptides, CRF, and Urocortin in Cerebrospinal Fluid-Contacting Neurons in Xenopus laevis: by Marinella Calle, Ilse E. W. M. Claassen, Jan G. Veening, Tamas Kozicz, Eric W. Roubos, and Henk P. Barendregt.

36. Pre-Pro-Somatostatin-III May Have Cortistatin-like Functions in Fish: Luis Fabián Canosa and Richard Ector Peter.

37. Comparative Study of Family 2 GPCRs in Fugu rubripes: João Cardoso, Deborah Power, and Melody Clark.

38. Expression of Proopiomelanocortin and Its Cleavage Enzyme Genes in Rana esculenta and Xenopus laevis Gonads: M Carotti, M Nabissi, G Mosconi, F Gangnon, I Lihrmann, H Vaudry, and A M Polzonetti-Magni.

39. Fra-1 Activity in the Frog, Rana esculenta, Testis: Gilda Cobellis, Monica Lombardi, Donatella Scarpa, Gaia Izzo, Giulia Fienga, Rosaria Meccariello, Riccardo Pierantoni, and Silvia Fasano.

40. Analysis of Xenopus Melanotrope Cell Size and POMC-Gene Expression: G J H Corstens, E W Roubos, B G Jenks, and P E J Van Erp.

41. Are the Cannabinoids Involved in Bony Fish Reproduction?: Erika Cottone, Ezio Campantico, Alda Guastalla, Stefania Aramu, Alberta M. Polzonetti-Magni, and Mariafosca Franzoni.

42. Cloning and Expression of Guanylin-like Peptides in Teleost Fish: Gordon Cramb, Anne-Sophie Martinez, IainS. Mcwilliam, and Gillian D. Wilson.

43. Features of the Circadian Clock in the Avian Pineal Gland: V Csernus, N Faluhelyi, and A D Nagy.

44. Growth Hormone Increases hsc70/hsp70 Expression and Protects against Apoptosis in Whole Blood Preparations from Silver Sea Bream: Eddie E. Deane and Norman Y. S. Woo.

45. Upregulation of the Somatotropic Axis Is Correlated with Increased G6PDH Expression in Black Sea Bream Adapted to Iso-osmotic Salinity: Eddie E. Deane and Norman Y. S. Woo.

46. Seasonal Changes in the Activity of 11ß-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase in Toad Testes: Daniela Denari and Nora R. Ceballos.

47. The Advantage of Absolute Quantification in Comparative Hormone Research as Indicated by a Newly Established Real-Time RT-PCR: GH, IGF-I, and IGF-II Gene Expression in the Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus: Elisabeth Eppler, Antje Caelers, Giorgi Berishvili, and Manfred Reinecke.

48. Development of the Circadian Melatonin Rhythm and Its Responsiveness to PACAP in the Embryonic Chicken Pineal Gland: N Faluhelyi, D Reglodi, and V Csernus.

49. Further Studies of Lipid Droplets in the Bombykol-Producing Pheromone Gland of Bombyx mori: Adrien Fónagy, Atsushi Ohnishi, Yasuaki Esumi, Yoshikatsu Suzuki, and Shogo Matsumoto.

50. androgen Receptor in the Ovary of Postnatal Bank Vole Females: Jerzy Galas, Maria Slomczynska, and Anna Kwasnik.

51. Hormonal Control of the IGF System in the Sea Bream Ovary: G Gioacchini, M Cardinali, F Maradonna, B Funkenstein, G Mosconi, and O Carnevali.

52. High Species Variation within the Repertoire of Trace Amine Receptors: D E I Gloriam, T K Bjarnadóttir, H B Schiöth, and R Fredriksson.

53. The Use of Real-Time PCR to Study the Expression of Thyroid Hormone Receptor ß2 in the Developing Chicken: Sylvia V. H. Grommen, Bert De Groef, Eduard R. Kühn, and Veerle M. Darras.

54. Neurodistribution of androgen Receptor Immunoreactivity in the Male Frog, Rana esculenta: G Guerriero, G S Prins, L Birch, and G Ciarcia.

55. Pharmacological Characterization of Melanocortin Receptors in Fish Suggests an Important Role for ACTH: Tatjana Haitina, Janis Klovins, and Helgi B. Schiöth.

56. Measurement of PTHrP, PTHR1, and CaSR Expression Levels in Tissues of Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) Using Quantitative PCR: X M Hang, D Power, G Flik, and R J Balment.

57. Regulation of the Stress Response in Early Vertebrates: Mark O. Huising, Juriaan R. Metz, Aurelia F. De Mazon, B M Lidy Verburg-Van Kemenade, and Gert Flik.

58. Expression of Aromatase mRNA in the Abdominal Gland of the Newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster: Yoichi Ito, Atsushi Hirota, Mariko Nakamura, Masahiro Matsunaga, Kazuyoshi Tsutsui, and Sakaé Kikuyama.

59. Regionally Specific Occurrence of an Active Sodefrin Variant in the Red-Bellied Newt: Takeo Iwata, Yoko Ishizuka, Tomoaki Nakada, Fumiyo Toyoda, Kazutoshi Yamamoto, John M. Conlon, and Sakae Kikuyama.

60. androgen Metabolism in Invertebrates and Its Modulation by Xenoandrogens: A Comparative Study: G Janer, G A LeBlanc, and C Porte.

61. Expression Analysis of Growth and Energy Regulation-Associated Genes in Two Divergent Chicken Strains: Sojeong Ka, Carolyn Fitzsimmons, Lina Jacobsson, Peter Savolainen, Joakim Lundeberg, Paul B. Siegel, Leif andersson, and Finn Hallböök.

62. The Involvement of Thyroid Hormone Metabolism in Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus auratus) Osmoregulation: Peter H. M. Klaren, José M. Guzmán, Juan Miguel Mancera, Edwin J. W. Geven, and Gert Flik.

63. Agouti-Related Proteins (AGRPs) and Agouti-Signaling Peptide (ASIP) in Fish and Chicken: Janis Klovins and Helgi B. Schiöth.

64. The Ancestry of the Prolactin-Releasing Hormone Precursor: M C. Lagerstrom, R Fredriksson, T K. Bjarnadottir, and H B. Schioth.

65. Time-Course Effects of Centrally Administered Native Urotensin-II on Motor and Cardioventilatory Activity in Trout: F Lancien, J Leprince, N Mimassi, D Mabin, H Vaudry, and J C Le Mével.

66. Pufferfish and Zebrafish Have Five Distinct NPY Receptor Subtypes, but Have Lost Appetite Receptors Y1 and Y5: Tomas A. Larsson, Frida Olsson, Görel Sundström, Sydney Brenner, Byrappa Venkatesh, and Dan Larhammar.

67. Subtype-Specific Pharmacological Properties of the Melanocortin Receptors in Chicken: Maria K. Ling and Helgi B. Schiöth.

68. Environmental Agent Susceptibility Assessment Using Existing and Novel Biomarkers as Rapid Noninvasive Testing Methods: A Mandich, E Benfenati, M T D Cronin, A Goksøyr, B E Grøsvik, W Kloas, A Van Cauwenberge, and L Viganò.

69. Characterization of PrPc-Immunoreactive Cells in Monkey (Macaca fascicularis) Gastrointestinal Tract: Z Marcos, M E Bodegas, M P Sesma, and L Guembe.

70. Comparative Study of PrPc Expression in Rat, Monkey, and Cow Gastrointestinal Tract: Z Marcos, M E Bodegas, M P Sesma, and L Guembe.

71. Effect of Cortisol on Aquaporin Expression in the Esophagus of the European Eel, Anguilla Anguilla: Anne-Sophie Martinez, Gillian Wilson, Claire Phillips, Christopher Cutler, Neil Hazon, and Gordon Cramb.

72. Developmental Expression of NPY/PYY Receptors zYb and zYc in Zebrafish: Maura Mathieu, Sonya Trombino, Francesco Argenton, Dan Larhammar, and Mauro Vallarino.

73. Successfully Determining the Sex of Adult Varanus mertensi (Reptilia: Varanidae) Using a Combination of Both Hemipenile Eversion and the Ratio of androgens:Estradiol in Plasma: P J Mayes, S D Bradshaw, and F J Bradshaw.

74. Structure of Msj-1 Gene: A Comparative Analysis: R Meccariello, G Tedeschi, M R Monsurrò, R Chianese, G Cobellis, R Pierantoni, and S Fasano.

75. Characterization of an RFamide-Related Peptide Orphan GPCR in C. elegans: I Mertens, A Vandingenen, E Clynen, R J Nachman, A De Loof, and L Schoofs.

76. Incapacity of Response to Disulfide-Reducing Agent in Triton X-100-Treated Oocytes of Starfish, Asterina pectinifera: Masatoshi Mita.

77. Cloning and Characterization of Ecdysone Receptor and Ultraspiracle cDNAs from Spodoptera litura: Shinji Nagata, Takafumi Maruyama, Tsuyoshi Ohira, Shuhei Wataru, and Hiromichi Nagasawa.

78. Ligand-Dependent Protein Interactions of the Estrogen Receptors Using the Yeast Two-Hybrid System: Bergithe E. Oftedal, Sigve Ladstein, Wenche Telle, and Rune Male.

79. Genome Duplication-Driven Evolution of Gene Families: Insights from the Formation of the Insulin Family: Robert Piotr Olinski, Lars-Gustav Lundin, and Finn Hallböök.

80. Involvement of Adenylyl Cyclase Signaling Mechanism in Insulin and IGF-I Coregulation of Fundamental Cell Processes: M N Pertseva.

81. The Activities of Antioxidant Enzymes and Monoamine Oxidase and Uncoupling Protein 1 Content in Brown Fat of Hypo- and Hyperthyroid Rats: N Petrovic, G Cvijic, J Djordjevic, and V Davidovic.

82. Sea Bream (Sparus auratus) Estrogen Receptors: Phylogeny and Tissue Distribution: P Pinto, A L Passos, D M Power, and A V M Canário.

83. Fish Community Characterization in Two Stretches Upstream and Downstream of the Lambro River Confluence with the Po River. By C Puzzi, S Bottero, A Cevasco, A Massari, M Monteverde, F Pedemonte, R Bertolotti, L Viganò, and A Mandich.

84. Activity of Purine Catabolism Enzymes during the Reproductive Cycle of Male and Female Brown Trout (Salmo trutta): A D Resende, E Rocha, and A Lobo-Da-Cunha.

85. Evolution of the Thyroid Hormone Distributor Protein Transthyretin in Microbes, C. elegans, and Vertebrates: Samantha J. Richardson, Sarah C. Hennebry, Brian J. Smith, and Hannah M. Wright.

86. Ghrelin Induces Growth Hormone (GH) Secretion via Nitric Oxide (NO)/cGMP Signaling. By F Rodriguez-Pacheco, R M Luque, S Garcia-Navarro, F Gracia-Navarro, J P Castano, and M M Malagon.

87. Neurotoxicity of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) by Disturbance of Thyroid Hormone-Regulated Genes: S A Roelens, V Beck, G Aerts, S Clerens, G Vanden Bergh, L Arckens, V M Darras, and S Van Der Geyten.

88. Effects of a Teleost Tetraploidization on Neuropeptide Y Receptor Gene Repertoire in Ray-Finned Fishes: Erik Salaneck, Earl T. Larson, Tomas A. Larsson, and Dan Larhammar.

89. Unusual Genomic Structure: Melanocortin Receptors in Fugu: Helgi B. Schiöth, Tatjana Haitina, Davids Fridmanis, and Janis Klovins.

90. Pleiotropic Action of Insulin-like Peptides of Mollusk, Anodonta cygnea: V N Shipilov, A O Shpakov, and Yu I Rusakov.

91. Sensitivity of Adenylyl Cyclase Signaling System of the Mollusk Anodonta cygnea Ganglions to Serotonin and Adrenergic Agonists: A O Shpakov, V N Shipilov, and V M Bondareva.

92. A Survey on the Expression of IGF-I in the Early Developing Bony Fish with Special Emphasis on the Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus: Natallia Shved, Giorgi Berishvili, Helena D'cotta, Jean-François Baroiller, Elisabeth Eppler, Helmut Segner, and Manfred Reinecke.

93. Stimulation of Midgut Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation by Insect Hormones and Peptides: Guy Smagghe, Wendy Vanhassel, Clarina Moeremans, Daan De Wilde, Shintaro Goto, Marcia J. Loeb, Michael B. Blackburn, and Raziel S. Hakim.

94. Ray-Fin Fish Tetraploidization Gave Rise to Pufferfish Duplicates of NPY and PYY, but Zebrafish NPY Duplicate Was Lost: Görel Sundström, Tomas A. Larsson, Sydney Brenner, Byrappa Venkatesh, and Dan Larhammar.

95. Molecular Evolution and Subfunctionalization of Nkx2.1 in the Rainbow Trout: Masakazu Suzuki, Yoshie Hidaka, Youji Uemae, and Shigeyasu Tanaka.

96. Immunocytochemical and Phylogenetic Distribution of Aquaporins in the Frog Ventral Skin and Urinary Bladder: S Tanaka, T Hasegawa, H Tanii, and M Suzuki.

97. Linkage Mapping of the [Pro2]Somatostatin-14 Gene in Zebrafish: Evolutionary Perspectives: Hervé Tostivint, Lucille Joly, Isabelle Lihrmann, J Michael Conlon, Marc Ekker, and Hubert Vaudry.

98. Ontogeny of 3ß-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase and 5-Reductase in the Frog Brain: Mauro Vallarino, Maura Mathieu, Jean-Luc Do-Rego, Federica Bruzzone, Nicolas Chartrel, Van Luu-The, Georges Pelletier, and Hubert Vaudry.

99. Calcium Influx through Voltage-Operated Calcium Channels Is Required for Proopiomelanocortin Protein Expression in Xenopus Melanotropes: M J J Van Den Hurk, W J J M Scheenen, E W Roubos, and B G Jenks.

100. ACE Inhibitor Captopril Reduces Ecdysteroids and Oviposition in Moths: L Vercruysse, D Gelman, S Van De Velde, E Raes, B Hooghe, V Vermeirssen, J Van Camp, and G Smagghe.

101. Regulation of Thyroid Hormone Availability by Iodothyronine Deiodinases at the Blood-Brain Barrier in Birds: C H J Verhoelst, S Van Der Geyten, S A Roelens, and V M Darras.

102. Differential Proteomics for Studying Drosophila Immunity: Evy Vierstraete, Peter Verleyen, Arnold De Loof, and Liliane Schoofs.

103. Melatonin Plays a Crucial Role in the Regulation of Rhythmic Clock Gene Expression in the Mouse Pars Tuberalis: Charlotte Von Gall, David R. Weaver, Juliane Moek, Antje Jilg, Jörg H. Stehle, and Horst-Werner Korf.

104. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in the Hypothalamo-Hypophyseal System of Xenopus laevis: Liangchun Wang, Marinella Calle, and Eric W. Roubos.

105. Glomerular Effects of AVT on the In Situ Perfused Trunk Preparation of the Dogfish: Alan Wells, W Gary anderson, and Neil Hazon.

106. Brain Expression of Tyrosine Hydroxylase and Its Regulation by Steroid Hormones in the European Eel Quantified by Real-Time PCR: F-A Weltzien, C Pasqualini, N Le Belle, B Vidal, P Vernier, and S Dufour.

107. Renal Morphology of the Euryhaline Flounder (Platichthys flesus): Distribution of Arginine Vasotocin Receptor: E Weybourne, J M Warne, H Hentschel, M Elger, and R J Balment.