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Troublesome Disguises: Managing Challenging Disorders in Psychiatry, 2nd Edition

Troublesome Disguises: Managing Challenging Disorders in Psychiatry, 2nd Edition

Dinesh Bhugra, Gin S. Malhi

ISBN: 978-1-118-79960-4

Nov 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

416 pages



Troublesome Disguises examines psychiatric conditions which are not necessarily uncommon, rare or exotic but are challenging for the clinician who may struggle to reach a diagnosis and to set up management strategies.

However, with familiarity, these conditions can and should be recognised. This new edition is an exercise in consciousness-raising as well as a warning to beware of diagnostic systems which, despite their many virtues, may become too influential and may perpetuate errors which are to the detriment of patients.

For the clinician struggling to understand and treat patients who fail to fit the usual diagnostic categories, Troublesome Disguises provides wise instruction in the virtue of entertaining doubts, as well as practical advice for the assessment and management of atypical cases.

Introduction: Setting the Scene
Dinesh Bhugra and Gin Malhi

I Challenging Psychiatric Conditions

1 Shared pathologies
German E Berrios and Ivana S Marková

2 Paraphrenia
Richard Atkinson and Alistair Burns

3 Brief reactive psychoses
Wolfgang Gaebel and Juergen Zielasek

4 Cycloid psychoses
Andrea Schmitt, Berend Malchow, Peter Falkai and Alkomiet

5 Borderline Personality Disorder
John M Oldham

6 Recurrent self-harm
Rohan Borschmann and Paul Moran

7 Finding the truth in the lies: A practical guide to the assessment of malingering
Holly Tabernik and Michael J Vitacco

8 Recurrent brief depression: ‘this too shall pass’?
Julia Sinclair and David Baldwin

9 Conversion disorders
S K Chaturvedi and Soumya Parameshwaran

10 ADHD controversies: More or less diagnosis?
Florence Levy

II Rare Psychotic Disorders

11 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Biological dysfunction or social construction?
Richard Bryant

12 Bipolar Disorder: A troubled diagnosis
Gin Malhi and Michael Berk

13 Misidentification delusions
Michael Connors, Robyn Langdon and Max Coltheart

14 Delirium
Sean Heffernan, Karin Neufeld, Esther Oh and Kostas Lyketsos

15 Paraphilias and culture
Dinesh Bhugra and Deji Ayonrinde

16 Pseudodementia: history, mystery and positivity
Alistair Burns and David Jolley

17 Culture Bound Syndromes
Dinesh Bhugra and Deji Ayonrinde

18 Delusional infestations
Julio Torales

19 Baffling clinical encounters: Navigating a pain and psychiatric Quichua Syndrome
Sioui Maldonado-Bouchard, Lise Bouchard and Mario Incayawar