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True to Ourselves: A Celebration of Women Making a Difference

True to Ourselves: A Celebration of Women Making a Difference

Nancy M. Neuman

ISBN: 978-0-787-94175-8

Sep 1998

246 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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League of Women Voters of the United States

A celebration of passionate, heroic women who represent the expanding power and influence of women in American public life. In this dynamic collection, twenty-two extraordinary leaders share inspiring personal stories that reflect the universal desire to effect change in the world. Representing the nation's ethnic diversity, these outstanding women demonstrate that everyone can truly make a difference.

True to Ourselves presents a remarkable mix of women who have confronted tough choices, challenges, and tests of their own character with determination and conviction. From polar explorer Ann Bancroft and Smith College president Ruth J. Simmons to second lady Tipper Gore, activist Sarah Brady, and politicians Carol Moseley-Braun, Polly B. Baca, and Patsy T. Mink, the contributors describe lives enriched by family, career, and their own commitment to the larger public good. They reveal turning points that compelled them to change their lives and share their concerns about the unfinished business of building an equal and inclusive society. Their stories and examples will inspire readers to face challenges in their own lives and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.
Part I: True to Ourselves.

1. Being Clear in Passion and Desire (Ann Bancroft).

2. Capturing Opportunities for Leadership (Ellen Hume).

3. Recognizing Moments of Learning (Ruth J. Simmons).

4. My Journey to Feminism (Mary Dent Crisp).

Part II: Woman Power.

5. Getting and Being Ready (Rosalie E. Wahl).

6. Woman Energy (Bella S. Abzug).

7. Up from Silence (Olympia J. Snowe).

8. Face to Face with Power (Carmen Delgado Votaw).

9. Expanding Our Horizons (Eva M. Clayton).

Part III: The Measure of Woman.

10. The Measure of Woman (Kathleen Kennedy TownsAnd).

11. Standing Alone (Carol Moseley-Braun).

12. Battling for My Cause (Sarah Brady).

13. Coloring Outside the Lines (Barbara Roberts).

Part IV: Turning Points.

14. My Moral Compass (Christine Todd Whitman)

15. A Change in Plans (Patsy T. Mink).

16. The Power of Partnership (Tipper Gore).

17. Seasons of a Life (Polly B. Baca).

Part V: New Directions.

18. What Do Women Want? (Celinda C. Lake).

19. Beyond Self Interest (Angela E. Oh).

20. My Otherness (Maria Hinojosa).

21. Getting Political (Amy R. Simon).

22. Building Bridges (Vicki Miles-LaGrange).
"Even today, women can still feel alone in their struggle for personal satisfaction and success. The stories in True to Ourselves demonstrate that -- whatever our aspirations -- the power we need to face our personal challenges lives within us all." --Diane Cromer, founder and partner, Keefer/Cromer Communications

"The moving and deeply personal stories in True to Ourselves remind all women that at any time, they are the mentors, leaders, and givers of encouragement that can make a difference in each other's lives. Beautifully written and wonderfully inspiring." --Marjorie Margolis Mezvinsky, former representative from Pennsylvania

"It will be sad if only women read this book. Men who, however secretly, ask the question "What do women want?" will find answers here - both serious and profound." --Al Swift, former representative from Washington

"A rich source for laughter, tears, and wisdom, this book presents real insights, felt histories, and burning examples of what we need to know for the next generation and the next millenium." --Nancy Y. Bekavac, president, Scripps College

"If you're looking for a female role model, this book is a good place to start. It's filled with stories of risk taking and leadership that will inspire commitment to public service." --Harriett Woods, former president, National Women's Political Caucus