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Trust: Releasing the Energy to Succeed

Trust: Releasing the Energy to Succeed

Rita Cruise O'Brien

ISBN: 978-0-471-49130-9

Oct 2001

256 pages

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The new economy has changed the rules of the game in business, and the speed at which businesses operate and interact. Corporate success has therefore never been more dependent on the contribution of first-rate people, who give more than merely adequate performance at work and in turn, trust has become a topic of considerable importance within organization, as people need to be engaged and motivated by their role in order to go the "extra mile". Low trust is characterised by defensive, protective and legalistic behaviour (with the potential to financially damage a company), whereas high trust can help create real competitive advantage in the marketplace through promoting effective collaboration, involvement and loyalty which in turn generate energy and innovation among employees.

The organisations with a high level of trust have teams of people that are highly motivated and co-operative and command respect and loyalty from their customers. This can lead to the fulfilment of a company's mission and goals, and eventually, financial success. Yet trust is not an easy commodity to achieve and maintain, with employees increasingly demand more, and less obvious, compensations than financial benefits alone, such as job autonomy and ownership, and the market value of their role. Fulfilment of these 'hidden' rewards can lead to employee commitment and passion based on trust, which are valuable assets when employee retention is at a premium -many people are choosing to opt out of the corporate economy to work freelance, or for the new, small and entrepreneurial e-businesses start-ups. This book shows, through practical guidance and examples, how trust can be harnessed to create real competitive advantage within an organisation's strategic aims.

Introduction: The Value of Trust


Trust at Work and the Cost of Low Trust

Trust as an Equity

Releasing Energy: An Investment in Social Capital

Releasing Value: An Investment in Learning and Alignment


Enlarging the Scope for Change: ICL/D2D-- Creating a High-trust Firm

Sacrificing Trust: Too Much Change Too Fast at The Service Company

Poor Communication and Uncertain Boundaries Impact on Trust at Autopart

Poor Communication and Low Trust at The Engineering Company

A Culture That Would Not Change at Aerco

The Defence Company: Structured Change in Production but Less Commitment


Collaborative Capital and Client Loyalty in Investment Banks

The Trusted Leader and Releasing the Energy to Win

"..This is a thoughtful and important book by an experienced manager...vividly demonstrates the effects of low and high trust on company performance." (Director, December 2001)