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Turbulent Flow: Analysis, Measurement, and Prediction

Turbulent Flow: Analysis, Measurement, and Prediction

Peter S. Bernard, James M. Wallace

ISBN: 978-0-471-27538-1

Nov 2002

512 pages



Provides unique coverage of the prediction and experimentation necessary for making predictions.
  • Covers computational fluid dynamics and its relationship to direct numerical simulation used throughout the industry.
  • Covers vortex methods developed to calculate and evaluate turbulent flows.
  • Includes chapters on the state-of-the-art applications of research such as control of turbulence.


1. Preliminaries.

2. Overview of Turbulent Flow Physics and Equations.

3. Experimental and Numerical Methods.

4. Properties of Bounded Turbulent Flows.

5. Properties of Turbulent Free Shear Flows.

6. Turbulent Transport.

7. Theory of Idealized Turbulent Flows.

8. Turbulence Modeling.

9. Applications of Turbulence Modeling.

10. Large Eddy Simulations.

11. Analysis of Turbulent Scalar Fields.

12. Turbulence Theory.

Author Index.

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"It is strongly recommended by this reviewer" (Applied Mechanics Reviews, 11/1/2003)

"Of the recent books on turbulence, this is probably the best for classroom use or private study..." (Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.478, 2003)