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Turbulent Fluid Flow

Turbulent Fluid Flow

Peter S. Bernard, Kenneth Kiger

ISBN: 978-1-119-10624-1

Jan 2019

500 pages

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This book presents many of the established facts, theories and models in the field of turbulent flow that enable students, engineers and researchers to be knowledgeable of the techniques used in physical experiments and in turbulent flow prediction.

The sequence of chapters and their content are united by this purpose, so they add up to create a complete picture of the essential information needed to perform and interpret experiments or to carry out turbulent flow studies in engineering and science. By framing the discussion in this way, the book is designed to be not just a reference text but rather a book that will hold the interest of the reader as the different aspect of the subject are revealed one by one. The author team feels this approach will appeal to the needs those performing experiments or solving turbulent flow problems with commercial or privately developed modelling and simulation software.

Target courses include physics of Turbulent Flow, Analysis of Turbulent Flow, Turbulence and Turbulent Boundary Layers.

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