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Turf Managers' Handbook for Golf Course Construction, Renovation, and Grow-In

Turf Managers' Handbook for Golf Course Construction, Renovation, and Grow-In

Charles B. White

ISBN: 978-1-575-04110-0

Jan 2000

336 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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For the first time a book finally combines field experience with the fundamentals of turf science to help you understand the concepts involved in proper grown-in management, and to troubleshoot problems on-site throughout the management process. A major goal os this unique handbook is to outline and detail the numerous quality control issues that face golf course superintendents and managers--to serve as a guideline for the multitude of questions that need to be addressed before, during and after construction. It stresses the magnitude and importance of finish construction and grow-in as it relates to turf maintenance, turf performance and the playability of the course--from its opening into the future. A great resource to help educate owners and developers about the details of the grow-in sequence and its budgetary requirements.

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This item: Turf Managers' Handbook for Golf Course Construction, Renovation, and Grow-In

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Chapter 1. Where to Start? The Big Picture.

Chapter 2. The QC/Management Role as Owner Representative.

Chapter 3. Agronomic Concerns of Finish Construction Details.

Chapter 4. Ready to Plant?: Planting Details.

Chapter 5. Fertilization/Control Product Management.

Chapter 6. Programmed Management Areas of Establishment: Irrigation, Mowing.

Chapter 7. Erosion and Sediment Control/Damage Repair.

Chapter 8. Cultural Program Establishment.

Chapter 9. First Year Budget/Special Needs.

Chapter 10. Particulars of Renovating an Existing Course.

Chapter 11. Specialized Areas of Concern.

Chapter 12. Closing Comments.

Appendix 1: Example Final Critical Path.

Appendix 2: Architect Drawings Are Excellent Field Notebooks.

Appendix 3: Properly Detailed Asbuilt Drawing.

Appendix 4: Average Projected Water Availability vs. Need.

Appendix 5: Water Suitability Standards for Irrigation.

Appendix 6: Dual Irrigation System for Green Complex.

Appendix 7: Estimated Golf Course Construction Breakdown.

Appendix 8: Suggested Budgetary Need Breakdowns.

Appendix 9: Maintenance Facility Zones and Major Design Considerations.

Appendix 10: Example Daily Planner as Grow-in Manager.

Appendix 11: Catch Basin Installation Cross Section.

Appendix 12: Green/Bunker Drainage Incorporation.

Appendix 13: Phosphorus Needs at Seeding.

Appendix 14: Fertigation Calibration Worksheet.

Appendix 15: Grow-in Fertility Needs by Turf Type/Area.

Appendix 16: Tissue Nutrient Ranges by Turf Type.

Appendix 17: First Year Budget Line Items/Areas to Address.

Appendix 18: Correct French Drain Profile.

Appendix 19: Deep Root Tree Fertilization Injection Pattern.

Appendix 20: Tree Placement and Shape Affect Playability and Turf Health.