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Two-Dimensional and M-Mode Echocardiography for the Small Animal Practitioner, 2nd Edition



Two-Dimensional and M-Mode Echocardiography for the Small Animal Practitioner, 2nd Edition

June A. Boon

ISBN: 978-1-119-02856-7 August 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 160 Pages


Two-Dimensional and M-Mode Echocardiography for the Small Animal Practitioner provides a concise, accessible manual of basic two-dimensional and m-mode echocardiography.  

  • Offers fast access to practical advice on obtaining and evaluating echocardiograms using two-dimensional and m-mode techniques
  • Provides easy reference to the common features of the most common acquired cardiac diseases
  • Designed for ease of use, with concise, bulleted text and 165 images
  • Presents updated generic and normalized reference ranges with a bibliography of breed specific reference articles
  • Includes access to a website with video clips showing techniques and disease features

Related Resources

Preface, ix

About the Companion Website, xi

1 The Basics, 1

2 Knobology for the Echocardiogram: Improving Image Quality, 7

3 Two-Dimensional Imaging Planes and Subjective Assessment, 24

4 Imaging Planes: Technique in the Dog and Cat, 51

5 M-Mode Echocardiography, 75

6 Measurement and Assessment of Two-Dimensional and M-Mode Images, 83

7 Echocardiographic Features of Common Acquired Heart Diseases, 106

Recommended Reading, 136

Glossary, 137

Index, 139

"The book has a companion website that provides excellent-quality echocardiographic video loops, which serve as adjunctive educational and reference tools"........"The book concludes with an overview of some basic cardiac diseases as well as some excellent images and diagrams for reference. Overall, given the high-quality images, diagrams, and accompanying videos, this book is an excellent introductory echocardiography reference for primary care practitioners. The author states that becoming a proficient echocardiographer requires “practice, patience, and more in-depth reading to develop these techniques and assessments,” and I strongly concur. This book is simply an introductory reference and should not be expected to be more than that" (Reviewed by Bill Tyrrell, DVM, DACVIM
CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets, Leesburg, Va 15th june 2017 AVMA)