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U Can: Algebra I For Dummies

Mary Jane Sterling

ISBN: 978-1-119-06390-2 July 2015 528 Pages


Conquer Algebra I with these key lessons, practice problems, and easy-to-follow examples.

Algebra can be challenging. But you no longer need to be vexed by variables. With U Can, studying the key concepts from your class just got easier than ever before.

Simply open this book to find help on all the topics in your Algebra I class. You'll get clear content review, step-by-step examples, and hundreds of practice problems to help you really understand and retain each concept.

Stop feeling intimidated and start getting higher scores in class.

  • All your course topics broken down into individual lessons
  • Step-by-step example problems in every practice section
  • Hundreds of practice problems allow you to put your new skills to work immediately
  • FREE online access to 1,001 MORE Algebra I practice problems
Introduction 1

Part I   Getting Started with Algebra I 5

chapter 1: Assembling Your Tools 7

chapter 2: Deciphering Signs in Expressions 19

chapter 3: Incorporating Algebraic Properties 35

chapter 4: Making Fractions and Decimals Behave 47

chapter 5: Exploring Exponents 77

chapter 6: Taming Rampaging Radicals 89

chapter 7: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 103

Part II Changing the Format of Expressions 121

chapter  8: Working with Numbers in Their Prime 123

chapter  9: Specializing in Multiplication Matters 139

chapter  10: Dividing the Long Way to Simplify Algebraic Expressions 161

chapter  11: Figuring on Factoring 171

chapter  12: Taking the Bite out of Binomial Factoring 185

chapter  13: Factoring Trinomials and Special Polynomials 195

Part III  Sleuthing For Solutions of Equations 221

chapter  14: Establishing Ground Rules for Solving Equations 223

chapter  15: Lining Up Linear Equations 237

chapter  16: Muscling Up to Quadratic Equations 265

chapter  17: Yielding to Higher Powers 289

chapter  18: Reeling in Radical and Absolute Value Equations 315

chapter  19: Getting Even with Inequalities 329

Part IV  Solving Story Problems and Skething Graphs 349

chapter  20: Facing Up to Formulas 351

chapter  21: Making Formulas Work in Basic Story Problems 377

chapter 22: Relating Values in Story Problems 401

chapter 23: Measuring Up with Quality and Quantity Story Problems 411

chapter 24: Getting a Handle on Graphing 425

chapter 25: Extending the Graphing Horizon 451

Part V The Part of Tens 475

chapter 26: Ten Common Errors That Get Noticed 477

chapter 27: Ten Quick Tips to Make Algebra a Breeze 483

Index 489 Learn more about the online test banks available!