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U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies

U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies

John T. Moore, Chris Hren, Peter J. Mikulecky

ISBN: 978-1-119-07940-8

Aug 2015

456 pages

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Now you can score higher in chemistry

Every high school requires a course in chemistry for graduation, and many universities require the course for majors in medicine, engineering, biology, and various other sciences. U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies offers all the how-to content you need to enhance your classroom learning, simplify complicated topics, and deepen your understanding of often-intimidating course material. Plus, you'll find easy-to-follow examples and hundreds of practice problems—as well as access to 1,001 additional Chemistry I practice problems online!

As more and more students enroll in chemistry courses,, the need for a trusted and accessible resource to aid in study has never been greater. That's where U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies comes in! If you're struggling in the classroom, this hands-on, friendly guide makes it easy to conquer chemistry.

  • Simplifies basic chemistry principles
  • Clearly explains the concepts of matter and energy, atoms and molecules, and acids and bases
  • Helps you tackle problems you may face in your Chemistry I course
  • Combines 'how-to' with 'try it' to form one perfect resource for chemistry students

If you're confused by chemistry and want to increase your chances of scoring your very best at exam time, U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies shows you that you can!

Introduction 1

Part I   GettIng Started with Chemistry 5

chapter  1: Looking at Numbers Scientifically 7

chapter  2: Using and Converting Units 23

chapter  3: Breaking Down Atoms into Their Subatomic Particles 41

chapter  4: Surveying the Periodic Table of the Elements 55

Part II  Making  and Breaking Bonds through Reactions 83

chapter  5: Building Bonds 85

chapter  6: Naming Compounds and Writing Formulas 123

chapter  7: Understanding the Many Uses of the Mole 145

chapter  8: Getting a Grip on Chemical Equations 161

chapter 9: Putting Stoichiometry to Work 183

Part III   Examining Changes In Energy and SolutIons 201

chapter  10: Understanding States of Matter in Terms of Energy 203

chapter  11: Warming Up to Thermochemistry 221

chapter  12: Obeying Gas Laws 239

chapter  13: Dissolving into Solutions 265

chapter  14: Playing Hot and Cold: Colligative Properties 283

chapter  15: Working with Acids and Bases 297

chapter  16: Achieving Neutrality with Titrations and Buffers 315

Part IV  Reaching Equilibrium 327

chapter  17: Exploring Rates and Equilibrium 329

chapter  18: Accounting for Electrons in Redox 341

chapter  19: Galvanizing Yourself to Do Electrochemistry 353

chapter  20: Doing Chemistry with Atomic Nuclei 367

Part V  The Part of Tens 381

chapter  21: Ten Tips for Acing a Chemistry Test 383

chapter  22: Ten Chemistry Formulas You Should Remember 387

chapter  23: Ten Annoying Exceptions to Chemistry Rules 393

chapter  24: Ten (Or So) Great Chemists 399

chapter  25: Ten Serendipitous Discoveries in Chemistry 403

Glossary 407

Index 419