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UNIX For Dummies, 5th Edition



UNIX For Dummies, 5th Edition

John R. Levine, Margaret Levine Young

ISBN: 978-1-118-04390-5 February 2011 408 Pages


  • UNIX For Dummies has been the standard for beginning UNIX references for nearly ten years, and this latest edition continues that tradition of success
  • This unparalled resource is updated to cover the latest applications of UNIX technology, including Linux and Mac desktops as well as how UNIX works with Microsoft server software
  • Thorough coverage of how to handle UNIX installation, file management, software, utilities, networks, Internet access, and other basic tasks
  • Aimed at the first-time UNIX desktop user growing accustomed to the ins and outs of the OS, as well as the beginning administrator who needs to get a handle on UNIX networking basics
  • Written by John Levine and Margaret Levine Young, longtime UNIX experts and highly experienced For Dummies authors

Introduction 1

Part I: Before the Beginning 7

Chapter 1: Log Me In, UNIX! 9

Chapter 2: What Is UNIX, Anyway? 19

Chapter 3: A Few Lines on Linux 33

Part II: Some Basic Stuff 39

Chapter 4: Opening Windows on UNIX 41

Chapter 5: Files for Fun and Profit 77

Chapter 6: Directories for Fun and Profit 91

Chapter 7: The Shell Game 103

Chapter 8: Where’s That File? 119

Chapter 9: Printing (The Gutenberg Thing) 133

Part III: Getting Things Done 147

Chapter 10: Writing Deathless Prose 149

Chapter 11: Umpteen Useful UNIX Utilities 175

Chapter 12: Installing Software Can Be Tricky 185

Chapter 13: Juggling a Bunch of Programs 199

Chapter 14: Taming Linux 211

Part IV: UNIX and the Net 217

Chapter 15: Your Computer Is Not Alone 219

Chapter 16: Across a Crowded Network 229

Chapter 17: Automating Your Office Gossip 243

Chapter 18: Web Surfing for UNIX Users 263

Chapter 19: Grabbing Files from the Net 279

Chapter 20: Now Serving the Internet 293

Part V: Help! 303

Chapter 21: Disaster Relief 305

Chapter 22: The Case of the Missing Files 311

Chapter 23: Some Programs Just Won’t Die 325

Chapter 24: “My Computer Hates Me” 3 31

Part VI: The Part of Tens 343

Chapter 25: Ten Common Mistakes 345

Chapter 26: Ten Times More Information Than You Want about UNIX 351

Index 361