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Ullmann's Energy: Resources, Processes, Products, 3 Volume Set



Ullmann's Energy: Resources, Processes, Products, 3 Volume Set

Wiley-VCH (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-69147-0 June 2017 1350 Pages


This three-volume handbook contains a wealth of information on energy sources, energy generation and storage, fossil and renewable fuels as well as the associated processing technology.
Fossil as well as renewable fuels, nuclear technology, power generation and storage technologies are treated side by side, providing a unique overview of the entire global energy industry. The result is an in-depth survey of industrial-scale energy technology.

  • Your personal ULLMANN’S: A carefully selected “best of” compilation of topical articles brings the vast knowledge of the Ullmann’s encyclopedia to the desks of energy and process engineers
  • Chemical and physical characteristics, production processes and production figures, main applications, toxicology and safety information are all found here in one single resource
  • New or updated articles include classical topics such as coal technologies, oil and gas as well as cutting-edge technologies like biogas, thermoelectricty and solar technology

3 Volumes

Volume 1 Symbols and Units  IX

Conversion Factors  XI

Abbreviations  XIII

Country Codes  XVIII

Periodic Table of Elements  XIX

Part 1: Energy Resources, Generation and Storage  1

Batteries, 1 General  3

Batteries, 2 Primary Batteries  27

Batteries, 3 Secondary Batteries  79

Batteries, 4 Standards  147

Batteries, 5 Disposal and Environmental Protection  157

Biogas  165

Coal  179

Coal Liquefaction  231

Coal Pyrolysis  317

Combustion  355

Fuel Cells  383

Gas Production, 1 Introduction  409

Volume 2  Gas Production, 2 Processes  429

Gas Production, 3 Gas Treating  489

Heat Storage Media  547

Natural Gas  567

Nuclear Technology, 1 Fundamentals  621

Nuclear Technology, 2

Power Reactors, Survey  637

Nuclear Technology, 3 Fuel Cycle  661

Oil and Gas, 1 Introduction  745

Oil and Gas, 2 Formation of Reservoirs  761

Oil and Gas, 3 Exploration for Oil and Gas  771

Oil and Gas, 4 Drilling and Workover  799

Oil and Gas, 5 Formation Evaluation  829

Oil and Gas, 6 Reservoir Performance  843

Oil and Gas, 7 Production  881

Oil and Gas, 8 Field Processing  945

Oil and Gas, 9 Health, Safety,

Environmental and Economic Aspects  959

Volume 3 Oil Refining  965

Oil Sands  1021

Oil Shale  1073

Photoelectricity  1103

Photovoltaic Cells  1113

Solar Technology  1157

Thermoelectricity  1217

Wind Energy  1231

Part 2: Fuels  1241

Automobile Exhaust Control  1243

Automotive Fuels  1261

Aviation Turbine Fuels  1297

Heating Oil  1313

Liquefied Petroleum Gas  1331

Marine Fuels  1347

Octane Enhancers  1353

Petroleum Coke  1373

Author Index  1395

Subject Index  1401