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Ullmann's Reaction Engineering, 2 Volume Set



Ullmann's Reaction Engineering, 2 Volume Set

Wiley-VCH (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-33371-4 May 2013 1202 Pages


The vast knowledge of Ullmann's brought to your desk.
A carefully selected "best of" compilation of the most relevant articles from the online edition of "ULLMANN's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry", this handbook for the chemical engineer contains a wealth of information on industrial scale chemical reactions, their development, management and optimization.
The first part of this two-volume compilation covers basic processes of reaction engineering and reactor types, followed by parts on energy management, process development and intensification, as well as process safety.
Around three quarters of the articles have been recently published or extensively updated, providing a timely review of the science and engineering aspects of chemical reaction engineering.

Volume 1

Symbols and Units IX

Conversion Factors XI

Abbreviations XII

Country Codes XVII

Periodic Table of Elements XVIII

Part 1: Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Types 1

Principles of Chemical Reaction Engineering 3

Biochemical Engineering 83

Reaction Engineering in Metallurgical Processing 153

Model Reactors and their Design Equations 179

Bubble Columns 227

Chromatographic Reactors 249

Electrochemical Reactors 277

Catalytic Fixed-Bed Reactors 305

Fluidized-Bed Reactors 371

Membrane Reactors 419

Metallurgical Furnaces 439

Microalgae Reactors 483

Micro Process Technology

1. Introduction 495

Micro Process Technology, 2. Processing 507

Microreactors – Modeling and Simulation 571

Reactive Distillation 609

Stirred Tank Reactors 623

Thin-Film Reactors 641

Three-Phase Trickle-Bed Reactors 651

Tubular Reactors 665

Volume 2

Part 2: Energy Management 683

Energy Management in Chemical Industry 685

Pinch Technology 705

Combustion 719

Part 3: Process Development and Intensification 747

Process Development, 1. Fundamentals and Standard Course 749

Process Development, 2. Evaluation 773

Process Intensification, 1. Fundamentals and Molecular Level 793

Process Intensification, 2. Phase Level 817

Process Intensification, 3. Process Unit Level 845

Process Intensification, 4. Plant Level 869

Part 4: Plant and Process Safety 899

Plant and Process Safety, 1. Introduction 901

Plant and Process Safety, 2. Hazardous

Materials and Process Conditions 905

Plant and Process Safety, 3. Occupational Hazards and Personnel Protection 955

Plant and Process Safety, 4. Chemical Process Safety Regulation 969

Plant and Process Safety, 5. Engineered Safety Measures 983

Plant and Process Safety, 6. Risk Analysis 1011

Plant and Process Safety, 7. Risk Calculations 1095

Plant and Process Safety, 8. Management of Safety in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry 1103

Plant and Process Safety, 9. Risk Communication 1139

Author Index 1151

Subject Index 1155