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Ullmann's Renewable Resources

Ullmann's Renewable Resources

Wiley-VCH (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-33369-1

May 2013

628 pages

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A carefully selected compilation of the most relevant articles from the online edition of "ULLMANN's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry", this handbook contains a wealth of information on biological raw materials for use in the chemical industry, with information on availability, processes and products.
The result is an up-to-date survey of industrial uses for various bio-based bulk chemicals, including fats and oils, sugars, wood products, chitin and gelatin.

Symbols and Units IX

Conversion Factors XI

Abbreviations XII

Country Codes XVII

Periodic Table of Elements XVIII

Raw Materials and Energy 1

Biorefineries – Industrial Processes and Products 29

Carbohydrates: Occurrence, Structures and Chemistry 59

Carbohydrates as Organic Raw Materials 89

Cellulose 123

Cellulose Esters 177

Cellulose Ethers 225

Chitin and Chitosan 243

Cork 255

Drying Oils and Related Products 275

Fats and Fatty Oils 291

Gelatin 363

Lignin 379

Pulp 395

Polysaccharides 459

Starch 517

Wood 547

Author Index 601

Subject Index 603