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Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering

Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering

M. Ghavami, Lachlan Michael, Ryuji Kohno

ISBN: 978-0-470-86752-5 January 2005 276 Pages




Ultra Wideband (UWB) is the hot new topic in wireless communication engineering today. High-speed communication over short distances using sub-nanosecond pulses, rather than conventional sinusoidal waves, has paved the way for cheap wireless transceivers, capturing the imagination of both academics and engineers in industry alike. Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering focuses on the basic signal processing that underlies current and future ultra wideband systems ensuring this text will be essential reading even as UWB applications mature and change or regulations regarding ultra wideband systems are modified.
  • Provides everything you need to know about Ultra Wideband Communications in one compact volume
  • Explains, in an easy to understand manner, the basics of UWB and its applications
  • Covers, in detail, the generation of UWB waveforms through to the position and location of UWB signals
  • Discusses the issues that must be solved for UWB devices to explode onto the consumer communication market
  • Includes examples and problems in each chapter to aid understanding
  • Features a companion website including Solutions manual, Matlab programs, Electronic versions of the figures and a sample chapter

This enlightening text is a must for senior undergraduates and postgraduate students interested in studying UWB, and the emphasis on UWB development for commercial consumer communications products means that any communication engineer or manager cannot afford to be without it!



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1. Basic Properties of Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems.

2. Generation of Ultra Wideband Waveforms.

3. Signal-Processing Techniques for Ultra Wideband Systems.

4. Ultra Wideband  Channel Modelling.

5. Ultra Wideband Communications.

6. Ultra Wideband Antenna and Arrays.

7. Position and Location with Ultra Wideband Signals.

8. Applications Using Ultra Wideband Systems. 


"…very readable and can be used…by those interested in communication theories and professionals working with wireless communication systems." (IEEE Circuits & Devices, July/August 2006)
  • Covers the globally hot topic of Ultrawideband and Professor Kohno is a well-respected expert in this field
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of UWB technologies starting with the foundations and arriving at the detailed usage of the technology involved
  • Features exercises and problems at the end of each chapter to aid understanding