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Understanding Abnormal Psychology : Basic Psychololgy

Understanding Abnormal Psychology : Basic Psychololgy

Neil Frude

ISBN: 978-0-631-16195-0

Jan 1998

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This textbook provides a highly readable account of the current state of knowledge of the origins and nature of many psychological disorders.

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1. Introduction.

2. Anxiety Disorders.

3. Eating Disorders.

4. Affective Disorders.

5. Schizophrenia.

6. Substance Abuse.

7. Sexual Disorders.

8. Organic Disorders.

9. Learning Disability.


Author Index.

Subject Index.

"This is a clear, well-written textbook that describes a range of psychological disorders and their associated treatment. The layout of this book is excellent. Case illustrations and major experiments are allocated separate shaded boxes, and invariably attract the reader's attention. This book provides an interesting, concise overview of the different topics in abnormal psychology. It is a welcome addition to the Blackwell Series on Basic Psychology and achieves its goal of providing accessible information about the core area, whilst also conveying the flavour and excitement of the subject." Padmal de Silva. Behavior Research and Therapy<!--end-->

‘Neil Frude writes in a very clear and precise manner which treats the subject material in a systematic and scientific way, while leaving it accessible to the reader who may be new to psychology. This book will be an excellent and welcome addition to teaching resources for abnormal psychology.’ – Professor R. Johnston, University of Birmingham

  • Covers both theoretical debates and practical therapies in common psychological problems
  • Includes further reading and essay topic suggestions at the end of each chapter
  • Written accessibly and clearly for beginning psychology students and a wide range of professional groups.