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Understanding Baking: The Art and Science of Baking, 3rd Edition

Understanding Baking: The Art and Science of Baking, 3rd Edition

Joseph Amendola, Nicole Rees

ISBN: 978-0-471-40546-7 September 2002 288 Pages


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Before a pastry chef can create, he or she must understand the basic science underlying baking and pastry. The new edition of this invalu-able reference provides this information in a concise and accessible way, guided throughout by contemporary baking and pastry research and practice.

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Acknowledgments v

Preface vii

CHAPTER 1 Wheat and Grain Flours 1

CHAPTER 2 Yeast and Chemical Leaveners 33

CHAPTER 3 Sugar and Other Sweeteners 47

CHAPTER 4 Eggs 65

CHAPTER 5 Fats and Oils 77

CHAPTER 6 Milk and Dairy Products 89

CHAPTER 7 Thickeners: Starches, Gelatin, and Gums 101

CHAPTER 8 Chocolate 113

CHAPTER 9 Water 129

CHAPTER 10 Salt 135

CHAPTER 11 The Physics of Heat 141

CHAPTER 12 Bread and Other Yeast-Risen Products 151

CHAPTER 13 Laminates 175

CHAPTER 14 Cake Baking 187

CHAPTER 15 Egg Cookery: Custards, Souffles, Meringues, Buttercream, and Pate a Choux 207

CHAPTER 16 Pies and Tarts 223

CHAPTER 17 Cookies 237

CHAPTER 18 Sugar Syrups and Candymaking 247

Appendix 259

High-Altitude Baking 259

Metric Conversions and Other Helpful Information 260

Weight-Volume Equivalents for Common Ingredients 262

Bibliography 267

Index 273

  • 90% New Content. Brings food science to the pastry chef in a way that is concise and informative.
  • Strong New Author. Written by a contributor to Chocolatier and Pastry Art and Design, this book will remain concise but will be guided by contemporary baking and pastry research and practice.
  • Essential reference for the growing number of pastry chefs and home bakers.
  • Provides a solid understanding of baking and pastry fundamentals - substantial enough for a beginner to work from and reliable enough for the seasoned professional to use as a reference and troubleshooting guide.