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Understanding Breast Cancer

Joy Ogden

ISBN: 978-0-470-85435-8 May 2004 160 Pages


Two decades ago, a diagnosis of breast cancer meant only one thing: mastectomy. A revolution in treatment has given those now afflicted a choice of treatment options far beyond this draconian cure-all. Written by a noted health journalist and former patient, Understanding Breast Cancer offers reliable, up-to-date information on today's most effective treatments. With insights and advice from breast cancer patients who experienced different diagnoses and levels of treatment, Joy Ogden candidly shows how an informed and proactive approach can turn a cancer patient into one of a legion of cancer survivors.

About the author vii

Acknowledgements ix

1 Introduction 1

2 What is breast cancer? 3

3 Who gets it? What are the risk factors? 9

4 Symptoms and diagnosis 19

5 Psychological impact – coming to terms with breast cancer 29

6 The role of family, friends and health professionals 41

7 What are the treatment options? 49

8 Surgery 59

9 Breast reconstruction or prosthesis? 71

10 Radiotherapy 77

11 Chemotherapy 85

12 Hormonal therapies and immunotherapy 97

13 Breast cancer, pregnancy and fertility 103

14 How does it feel to live with breast cancer? 109

15 Complementary therapies, holistic practice and diet 115

16 Frequently asked questions 125

Glossary 129

Useful addresses and contacts 133

References 139

Index 141

"This [book] feels fresh and up to date. I would definitely recommend it." (Macmillan Cancer Support, 2008/2009)

"Despite a plethora of breast cancer books, this one feels fresh and up-to-date. I would definitely recommend it." (MacMillan Cancer Care Directory, 2007/2008)

" this book if you are concerned...all you need to know presented clearly and without jargon..." (, 12/5/2004)

"...brimful with up-to-the-minute facts...well researched...certainly a book that practitioners can recommend..." (British Naturopathic Journal, v.21, 2004)

"...language is accessible...placing emphasis on what is considered important for the reader..." (Nursing Standard, September 04)

"…includes essential information and practical advice on coping with every aspect of breast cancer..." (A Directory of Information Materials For People With Cancer, No.5, 2004/2005)