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Understanding ERISA: A Compact Guide to the Landmark Act

Understanding ERISA: A Compact Guide to the Landmark Act

Ken Ziesenheim

ISBN: 978-1-931-61142-8

Mar 2002

131 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Every advisor in your firm should have a copy"" of this compact new guide, claims Harold Evensky, respected financial professional and author of Wealth Management. Evensky knows all too well that firms and individual advisors need to protect themselves now more than ever.

In the climate of corporate scandals and market downturns - being in compliance is critical to avoiding liability challenges. But - the scope and complexity of the landmark ERISA act has left trustees and fiduciaries struggling to ensure that they remain in compliance.

Now, industry pro Ken Ziesenheim's concise booklet covers the four key provisions of ERISA in simple, straightforward terms. He includes sample forms, policy statements, a glossary of terms and everything needed to make understanding — and complying with ERISA — as easy as a,b,c.

And, he covers four all-important steps for:

  • selecting and hiring a manager
  • monitoring activities of outside managers
  • documenting meetings to prevent complications
  • And interpreting the ""Prudent Investor Rule""Help make sure you — and every professional in your firm - stays in compliance, by following the basic guidelines presented in this new work.

Foreword i

Introduction 1

Chapter 1. Fiduciary Conduct 5

Chapter 2. Liabilities and Penalties 7

Chapter 3. Government Agencies 11

Chapter 4. Prudent Investor Rule 13

Chapter 5. Uniform Prudent Investor Act 17

Chapter 6. Prudent Investment Procedures 25

Chapter 7. Written Investment Policy 29

Chapter 8. Sample: Investment Policy Statement 35

Chapter 9. Investment Management Procedures 45

Chapter 10. Diversification of Plan Assets 47

Chapter 11. Asset Allocation 53

Chapter 12. Risk Management 57

Chapter 13. Prohibited Investment Transactions 59

Chapter 14. Monitoring and Evaluation 61

Chapter 15. The Investment Professional 63

Chapter 16. Investment Management Consultant 71

Chapter 17. 404(C) Plan 79

Chapter 18. 401(K) Plans 95

Chapter 19. Summary 99

Chapter 20. Appendix A – Supplement to A Management Agreement 101

Glossary of Investment Terminology 105

Bibliography 124