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Understanding Historic Building Conservation

Michael Forsyth (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-80684-5 September 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 232 Pages



This book is the first in a series of volumes that combine conservation philosophy in the built environment with knowledge of traditional materials, and structural and constructional conservation techniques and technology:

• Understanding Historic Building Conservation
• Materials & Skills in Historic Building Conservation
• Structures & Construction in Historic Building Conservation 

The series aims to introduce each aspect of conservation and to provide concise, basic and up-to-date knowledge for architects, surveyors and engineers as well as for commissioning client bodies, managers and advisors.

In each book, Michael Forsyth draws together chapters by leading architects, structural engineers and related professionals to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of conservation work.

The books are structured to be of direct practical application, taking the reader through the process of historic building conservation and emphasising throughout the integrative teamwork involved.

This present volume – Understanding Historic Building Conservation – discusses conservation philosophy and the importance of understanding the history of a building before making strategic decisions. It details the role of each conservation team member and sets out the challenges of conservation at planning level in urban, industrial and rural contexts and in the conservation of designed landscapes. The framework of legislation and charters within which these operate is described and the book also provides guidance on writing conservation plans, explains the fundamental issues of costing and contracts for conservation and highlights the importance of maintenance.

Eighteen chapters written by the experts present today’s key issues in historic building conservation: Timothy Cantell, Martin Cherry, Nigel Dann, Peter Davenport, Geoff Evans, Keith Falconer, Colin Johns, Jeremy Lake, Jonathan Lovie, Duncan McCallum, James Maitland Gard’ner, Martin Robertson, Adrian Stenning, David H. Tomback, Giles Waterfield, Philip Whitbourn, John Winter.

Preface vi

Contributors viii

1 The past in the future Michael Forsyth 1

2 Architectural history and conservation Martin Cherry 9

3 Conservation and authenticity Martin Robertson 26

4 Regeneration and the historic environment Duncan McCallum 35

5 Problems and opportunities in rural conservation Jeremy Lake 46

6 Sustainable reuse of historic industrial sites Keith Falconer 74

7 Realms of memory: changing perceptions of the country house Giles Waterfield 88

8 Conserving buildings of the Modern Movement John Winter 96

9 Conservation and historic designed landscapes Jonathan Lovie 107

10 International standards and charters Philip Whitbourn 123

11 Conservation legislation in the United Kingdom: a brief history Colin Johns 131

12 Conservation legislation in the United Kingdom: looking ahead Colin Johns 140

13 The role of the archaeologist Peter Davenport 145

14 Preparing the conservation plan James Maitland Gardner 156

15 Costing and contracts for historic buildings Adrian Stenning and Geoff Evans 175

16 Maintenance in conservation Nigel Dann and Timothy Cantell 185

17 Building preservation trusts Colin Johns 199

18 Valuing our heritage David H. Tomback 204

Index 211

* gives key information in each area with where to go for more detailed guidance
* strong focus on engineering and craft solutions
* offers a comprehensive overview of a multi-disciplinary area to encourage disparate groups of professionals to work more closely

* full colour throughout