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Understanding Marketing: A European Casebook



Understanding Marketing: A European Casebook

Celia Phillips, Ad Pruyn, Marie-Paule Kestemont

ISBN: 978-0-471-86093-8 April 2000 236 Pages

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Understanding Marketing A European Casebook Understanding Marketing has been written by marketing lecturers drawn from leading universities and business schools throughout Europe. This collection of case studies covers a broad range of marketing issues, including: strategic marketing; new products; branding; marketing communication and promotion; business-to-business marketing; and product pricing and distribution.
* Includes 20 cases written by lecturers from universities in 14 different European countries belonging to the CEMS network
* The cases cover a wide range of products: brewing, soft drinks, mobile telephones, banking,textiles, skin products and office furniture being only a selection of the products included
* The cases are of ideal length for a two-hour seminar or lecture discussion
* Small and not-for-profit organizations are discussed as well as multinational organizations
Suitable for undergraduate, MBA and other graduate-level courses in marketing, marketing management, international marketing and European marketing.
The Mobile Telephone Supplier: Choosing a Channel Entry Strategy (P. Andersson & B. Mölleryd).

Ways of Applying Segmentation Strategies: Recession in the Hungarian Beer Market (J. Berács).

MD Foods Amba: A New World of Sales and Marketing (M. Bjerre).

Developing an International Communication Strategy for a Brand: The NIVEA Case (M. Brenneiser & R. Köhler).

MCC: An Innovative Distribution Strategy for an Innovative Product (A. Busch & J. Mühlmeyer).

The Mixed Blessings of the Euro (Y. van Everdingen & A. Pruyn).

Integrating Brand Strategies after an Acquisition: Schwarzkopf & Henkel Cosmetics (A. Faix, et al.).

Perrier: The Benzene Crisis (J. Franch & J. Montaña).

Coca-Cola: Market Launch of a New "Green" Packaging System (F. Habann, et al.).

The Ullman Chair: Potential for Success? (S. Hultén).

The Fair Trade and "Made in Dignity" Labels (M.-P. Kestemont & V. Swaen).

Petrobank: A New Competitor in the Market Place? (R. Kozielski).

Rocking the Boat at MTV: Dealing with Market Fragmentation (R. Meyer & A. Pruyn).

Czech Beer Goes Worldwide (J. Nagyova & H. Machkova).

Alcopops: Triumph or Disaster? (C. Phillips).

Kruszgeo: Who are its Customers? (K. Przybylowski).

ZTM: A Public Transportation System (K. Przybylowski).

NIVEA: Brand Transfer for Continuous and Innovative Product Maintenance (A. Roosdorp).

Cumulus: The Development of a Loyalty Card Scheme (T. Rudolph & A. Busch).

Customer Satisfaction in Emergency Ambulance Services: A Case for Empirical Research (R. Sinkovics & B. Stöttinger).

Index of Keywords by Case Number.
Supplementary website Contains case teaching notes for all case studies in the text, apart from Case 2. Also includes PowerPoint Slides to accompany cases 8, 18 and 20.