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Understanding PeopleSoft 8

Understanding PeopleSoft 8

ISBN: 978-0-782-15301-9

Feb 2006

734 pages

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Make Your First Step into ERP a Success with PeopleSoft 8

Implementing and supporting any ERP system means an enormous investment of money, time, and personnel, and PeopleSoft is no exception. Understanding PeopleSoft 8 is the resource you need to make sure your investment pays off. Inside, ERP and PeopleSoft experts teach you how to prepare your organization for the changes ERP brings, to lead it through the PeopleSoft implementation process, and keep it on track with world-class support and an eye to the future. Coverage includes:

  • The history and nature of ERP systems
  • Advantages and special capabilities of PeopleSoft applications
  • Building a business case for purchasing PeopleSoft
  • Setting goals for the implementation
  • Measuring and ensuring your return on investment
  • Resources required for a successful implementation
  • The ERP implementation—structure and process
  • Technical architecture of the PeopleSoft applications
  • Components, features, and functions of the PeopleSoft application
  • Key implementation success factors
  • Supporting users after the product is implemented
  • The future of ERP systems and PeopleSoft

Part I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Enterprise Resource Planning with PeopleSoft.

Chapter 2: A PeopleSoft Overview.

Chapter 3: An Overview of the PeopleSoft Architecture.

Chapter 4: Building a Basis for Business Development.

Part II: Preparing for Implementation.

Chapter 5: Planning the Foundation.

Chapter 6: Surveying the Infrastructure.

Chapter 7: Analyzing Company Requirements.

Chapter 8: Designing a Solution.

Chapter 9: Preparing Your Organization for Implementation.

Part III: Implementing PeopleSoft.

Chapter 10: Prototyping.

Chapter 11: Converting Data and Developing an Interface.

Chapter 12: Technical Implementation Issues.

Chapter 13: Security.

Chapter 14: Testing.

Chapter 15: Go Live—Keys to a Successful Rollout.

Chapter 16: Post-Production Support.

Part IV: Configuring the Specifics.

Chapter 17: A Closer Look at HRMS.

Chapter 18: HRMS Specifics.

Chapter 19: A Closer Look at Financials.

Chapter 20: A Closer Look at Supply Chain Management.

Part V: Setting Up Support.

Chapter 21: Analyzing Your Support Network.

Chapter 22: Providing End User Training.

Part VI: Looking to the Future.

Chapter 23: Next Steps with Integration.

Chapter 24: What’s Next on the Horizon.