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Understanding and Changing Your Management Style: Assessments and Tools for Self-Development, 2nd Edition

Understanding and Changing Your Management Style: Assessments and Tools for Self-Development, 2nd Edition

Robert C. Benfari

ISBN: 978-1-118-42207-6 June 2013 Jossey-Bass 352 Pages




An update of the classic book that reveals the 6 keys to successful management In this new edition of his best-selling book, Robert Benfari explains that the best mangers are not born that way but share a mix of characteristics that can be analyzed, understood, and most importantly changed. He identifies the six characteristics of successful managers (Psychological Type; Needs/Motivation; Use of Power; Conflict Style; Our Basic Values; and Our Reaction to Stress) and uses these building blocks to show how anyone can use personality-specific strategies for resolving conflicts, solving problems, managing stress, handling difficult situations at work, and positively influencing others.
  • Includes a proven pathway for becoming an effective manager
  • Contains new information on management style and leadership, human nature and neuroscience, and the dark side of management
  • Includes a self-assessment for each of the six building blocks to successful management

This research-based book offers the tools leaders need to improve their management style and succeed in the workplace.

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Preface v

About the Author vii

Introduction: What Leaders and Managers Need to Know About Human Nature 1

1 Assumptions, Perceptions, and Feelings: How They Influence Performance 17

Pre–Chapter 2 Activity: What Is My Psychological Type? 51

2 Psychological Type: A Cognitive Approach 63

Pre–Chapter 3 Activity: What Are My Needs? 115

3 Needs: Our Pathways to Competence 125

Pre–Chapter 4 Activity: What Are My Power Bases? 145

4 The Bases of Power: The Uses and Abuses of Influence 153

Pre–Chapter 5 Activity: What Is My Conflict Style? 181

5 Conflict: Getting to Resolution 193

6 Values: Our Compass in Life 223

Pre–Chapter 7 Activity: What Is My Stress Quotient? 243

7 Stress: Responding to Pressure 255

8 Management Scenarios 289

9 Integration of the Building Blocks 317

Bibliography 331

Index 337