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Unique Index Options: Features and Strategies to Optimize Your Portfolio



Unique Index Options: Features and Strategies to Optimize Your Portfolio

James B. Bittman

ISBN: 978-1-592-80382-8 January 2010


Run time: 1 hour 32 min. From the premier options education source, the ultimate guide to taking full advantage of the unique features of index options 

 In that they provide a greater degree of diversification than other types of options, index options offer traders significant benefits as a tool for portfolio optimization. Those with a solid grasp of the unique characteristics of index options have access to a range key advantages not available using standard options. In this lively tutorial, Jim Bittman, Senior Instructor at The Options Institute at the CBOE and author of the critically acclaimed Trading Index Options, schools you in the ins and outs of index options, spotlighting their many advantages and potential pitfalls, while supplying proven strategies for using them to achieve your trading goals.

  •  An ideal resource for traders looking for an unbiased, hands-on source of information and expert advice on how to make the most of the unique aspects of index options
  • In addition to a complete video course filmed at The Options Institute, you gain access to a wealth of online support materials, including charts, simulations and more
  • Details the significant tax benefits of index options; how to use weekly index options to tap short-term market events; how to exploit trending markets with binary options; and much more Wiley Trading Resources Available