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Universals of Sound Change in Nasalization

Universals of Sound Change in Nasalization

John Hajek (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20456-5

Feb 1998

272 pages

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This book is the first detailed study since the 1970sof the characteristics of distinctive nasalization in sound change.
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Note on Transcription and Abbreviations.

1. Sound Change and Language Universals, Representations and Models of Change.

2. The Data Base and Language Sampling, Methodological Issues and Background.

3. Distinctive Vowel Nasalization and Rule Ordering.

4. Universal Features of Vowel Nasalization and N-Deletion: The Effect of Vowel Length, Stress and the Foot.

5. Vowel Height, Vowel Quality and the Development of Distinctive Nasalization.

6. Contextual Ordering of Distinctive Nasalization.

7. Historical Development of Nasal Consonants and the Effect of N Place on Distinctive Nasalization.

8. N-Deletion, Its Manner and Its Motivation.

9. Results and Conclusions.




"I recommend this volume strongly to those interested in reintroducing the important role of phonetics into the study of both synchronic variation and diachronic sound change"Joseph Eska, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

"Prominent among recent contributions is the present work, a slightly revised version of the author's outstanding 1992 doctorial thesis...the present impeccably presented work is to be warmly welcomed as an important contribution to the field. It may be hoped that it will serve as a catalyst for further investigation both in and outside Romance." Rodney Sampson, University of Bristol

* First major and detailed evaluation of universalist claims about the development of nasalization/sound change.
* Strongly multidiscplinary: phonological and historical approach backed by the results of experimental phonetics and supported by typological evidence.
* Taps into resurgence of interest in nasality and language typology