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Unleashing Leaders: Developing Organizations for Leaders

Unleashing Leaders: Developing Organizations for Leaders

Hilarie Owen

ISBN: 978-0-471-49613-7 March 2001 188 Pages


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An inspirational guide to unleashing and focusing the leadership potential in every employee
According to a 1999 survey of more than 2,100 companies in twenty-three countries, leadership development is among the top three concerns of companies, world-wide. In this inspirational follow-up to her critically acclaimed In Search of Leaders, Hilarie Owen provides CEOs, senior managers, and HR directors with proven strategies for recognizing and overcoming their companies' inherent obstacles to leadership development. She also arms them with a complete action plan for focusing the creative energy unleashed in the process and applying it to solve a host of critical organizational problems. In a fascinating historical overview, Owen traces the evolution of leadership, from the ancient Egyptians to the modern business organization. She assesses current organizational structure and practices in terms of how conducive they are (or, more often, aren't) to leadership development.
Hilarie Owen (Gloucester, UK) works for the Institute of Leadership.


Introduction: Are We Ready for Unleashing Leaders?

How We Develop Leaders Today: Are We Doing it Right?

The Problems of Organizational Life Today: Transformation and Leadership are the Challenges for Everyone.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What We are Seeing in Organizations Today is Not Leadership.

The Time Traveller: The Lessons for Organizations from Ancient Times.

Shaping Modern Organizations: Why Do We Build Hierarchical Structures Ruled by Managers?

The Paradigm for Change: A Universal Framework for Leaders in the Twenty-First Century.

Building a New Model for Organizations: To Unleash Leaders We Make the Old Model Obsolete.

Unleashing Leaders: Transforming Individuals and Organizations Together.

Conclusion: From Homo Sapiens to Homo Proteus (Shape Changer Being).


"This is a book that I will certainly recommend to people who are looking for a general understanding of what leadership is about and how it is the ingredient in modern-day thinking." (People Management, 3rd May 200)
"full of thought provoking sound advice." (Long Range Planning, No.34 2001)