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Unstoppable: The pathway to living an inspired life

Unstoppable: The pathway to living an inspired life

Adrian Gilpin

ISBN: 978-1-841-12640-1

Oct 2004

216 pages



In Unstoppable, Adrian Gilpin shows us through his own amazing life-story, how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Adrian's story starts with his recovery from a financially catastrophic business collapse, and moves into his journey of awakening through the labyrinth of personal development teaching. You will be deeply moved by Adrian's openness, integrity and honesty as well as being truly inspired to delve deep into your most fundamental aspirations and beliefs to help you achieve all that you really want in life.

Unstoppable will help you navigate your way past the false prophets of human potential and keep you focused on the principles of effective thinking and action that will change the way you run your life forever.



1. Crisis.

2. Wilderness.

3. Wanderings.

4. The Cinder Path.

5. A New Road.

6. Blind Alley.

7. Satori.

8. Back to School.

9. Values, Beliefs and the Language of Excellence.

10. Whose Truth is it Anyway?

11. Me and My Shadow.

12. Markers and Milestones.

13. Into the Known.

14. Dream Teams.

15. The Coach.

16. Oasis.

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